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We put a small garden pond in at my folks house, and it keeps filling up with algae. They have tried different products of algicide to keep it down, but it still takes over. Does anyone care for these ponds that might be able to help us out? Should we run acidity/PH tests on the water? They have plants in it, and even a few fish, but they end up emptying and scrubbing it out about once a month or so. Any advice is appreciated.:)


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John is right--call Aquascapes. They will help you develop a balanced ecosystem in your pond. They will probably recommend that you use a bacterial agent with a biological filter. Trying to kill algae is a never ending battle. I use their system and have no swampy green water. The string algae (resembles a cheap green wig) is easy to remove but the fish like to eat it and hide in it so leave a little. Good luck.


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We have used the Aquascapes design systems for several years as well as their competitors (and I believe relative's) systems Pond Supplies of America. The skimmer and biological filter system works great, sometimes. In several instances we have not been able to get the algae under control. Signle cell suspended algae specifically. So we started using an Aqua Ultraviolet Filter in addition to the Aquascape system, instant clear water, never fails. I have fought this problem for 10 years and finally this cures the problem. We sell these filters in our garden center, and to date we have never had anyone bring one back and say it didn't work, (they are gauranteed).
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