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Carlisle AT 101 24x12x12


LawnSite Member
Creal Springs,IL
Can I get some feedback on theese style of tires. I personally think that you get better traction, smoother ride and less turf compaction.Tell me if you think I am right or wrong. Also what is another quality tire similar to theese.They help alot on a chopper,curious if anyone would respond that has them on a TT. Thanks alot...

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
That's the same bar tread tires that grasshopper uses I believe. I don't know how or why those would be any different for turf compaction or even ride quality versus a "standard" turf tire though.

I'd like to at least try them out though, because I know how bad the Kenda's on the grasshopper's (same size) are about tearing turf, not just when turning but even when just driving on a curve. I prefer carslile turf masters over the kendas. Similar tread pattern but the kendas are really rough on the turf. My thought was that the bar tread tires may actually be easier on the grass when turning simply because they are so open. Of course if you spin them you are guranteed to dig a hole, where the turf tires will usually just scuff the grass.


LawnSite Senior Member
i run them on both my mig mount Grasshoppers, love them, to me they get better traction in wet conditions, slopes, etc.. The only problem i have is they are getting very expensive. When we get a new set put on we cut donuts on concrete to cut the sharp edges of the tread bars, after that they are good to go.