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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by impactlandscaping, Oct 15, 2004.

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    I was looking in to some extra holiday advertising witht he local Carmike movie theater here today. The ads will run during the pre show of each movie, in a loop with the trivia, etc..before previews start. The ads are supposed to be on screen at least 8 seconds each time. We have 8 screens here at this theater, and the price for this is $ 80.00 per screen, and ads will run from Thanksgiving day thru New Year's day 2005, 37 days. I can only advertise on 6 of the screens because of Disney's ad policy on screens with their pictures showing. So it will be $ 480.00 plus a $ 50.00 logo set up fee to use our logo in the question is, has anyone else here used this advertising before? It seems like good exposure for the money, and I am probably going to do it anyways, but wanted some feedback from others. BTW- no one else has signed any spots yet, so we will get more frequent placements.
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    This sounds interesting, but perhaps the one thing I'd wonder about is the average age and type of person that goes out to see movies. Isn't the crowd a bit more younger than the type that generally would be looking for landscape help... on the average?

    I'll go out and see two movies a year, however have planned on one tonight. This will give me a good chance to pay attention to the ads, and to the type of people visiting the theater.

    Seems like a bit of money when you may get stuck advertising to a teenie bopper crowd watching Revenge of the Nerds or Mary Poppins.
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    I know the ads won't be on the two screens that play kid's / Disney movies. I am not really trying to focus on any demographic in particular, just more name recognition and visibility. It is a ten word ad, plus header and logo, and they reccomend not using a phone number or address b/c people can't write a number in the dark in a movie theater. It will have a little tagline at the bottom saying" find us in the yellow pages" or something.I am starting to find from our direct mailings and yard signage, that many new customers are familiar with our company logo before meeting with me. People always seem to say they have seen our trucks or seen our yard signs on jobs. I want to keep building brand recognition, and this may further that even more... I may even use the space to thank current clients for the past year's service if nothing else..thanks for the feedback on it, though.I am going to get the theater counts for admission and showings per screen info tomorrow..
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    Hi impactlandscaping,

    Here are some movie attendance demographics that may be useful in helping you decide. From this site.

    "According to Regal's online media kit, two-thirds of Americans attend one movie or more a month, 61 percent of its audience falls in the 18-to-49 age group, and 54 percent of moviegoers are from households with incomes of $50,000 or more."
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    Thank you Gopher!! You guys rock, and are always there with the hard facts. ... and thanks for being a LawnSite sponsor, keeping the information available and free to all of us. P.S.-Thanks again to Matt, who designed our new logo this spring. <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    I have actually seen this medium work for recruiting new employees. You can get a double bang for your buck by recruiting employees and branding your company.

    Good Luck!

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