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    Let me Start by Thanking Admin. Not to mention all the Helpful Folks on that lent me much knowledge to make frugal and informed decisions. I like to thank God's Guiding hand; which Protected me during my journeys more times than I can count.
    Most know me as Shortgrass. I grew up on the fringes of this field, I grew luvin John Deere. However, I took the cushy road and jump'd into Sales. opps* Sales People are treated like dirt. ( imo )
    So, I came to the Game Late, If only I Started this Journey when I was 25 when I was playing Completive Golf. At 38, when I started CLS.. now 42 some would say better late than never.
    I like to pass on some extra knowledge; You can start out with Lowes or Home depot Equipment. Just know you better take care of it and should know how to work on your stuff.
    Don't hang on to any equipment- you know isn't going to last. You'll know after a month or two, plenty of time to return it. Also understand- that your buying a piece of equipment that isn't going to last more than 5 years, without major repairs. Hence when you buy commercial you normally buying equipment that has much more life depending on how you treat your equipment.
    In addition,
    Sometimes it is best not to jump in head first into debit when you might change directions in this large field. For me I had a plan; a goal to end up in the " Turf and Ornamental Pest Control " which I has come to pass. :)
    I will add a few more Categories to widen my knowledge.

    I still lack some customer relation knowledge skills I need to deal with mishaps that might occur with their lawn. I always feel like I just confuse them when I try to explain why there lawn doesn't look like The Augusta National. I known some have the ability to explain and soothe customers much better than I. I'm working on it though.
    Inclosing, allow me to say; Get licensed up. It sure makes they work day sweeter and much less stress. Plus.. you get to charge more. :cool2:
    Carolina Lawns
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    Shortgrass, I was in the same sales boat for 25 yrs and am kickin myself for waiting till I got old to start this business. Although I think my sales background has helped me considerable with the problem of dealing and calming customers. The pesticide people have assured me that this will be the year they crack down on companies with No license. When I passed that test it was the biggest relief I can remember in my 7 years.:) We are in Greenville, where are you located?

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    Welcome to Lawnsite and good luck this season.

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