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carpal tunnel

Tim Louis

LawnSite Member
Cambridge, Ohio
dont know if i spelled it right.

Hey Im 26 years old and have a 48 lesco wb. i've only been in the buisness for about 3.5 years and have only had the walk behind for 1.5 years. Ive only logged 175 hours on it. Anyway I got carpal tunnel last summer and suffered through it until winter to avoid losing buisness. I want to know if anyone else has had problems with this due to mowing. I have never had any kind of repetive job in my life and Ive never seen the inside of a factory or anything like that. the doctors could not tell me how i got it and they could not tell me why i got it at my age they said it was very abnormal. most people who know me tell me that the mower did it to me, but i cant see how ive logged enough time for that to be true. my wife wants me to get a zero turn or one of the new styles grips to avoid any possible future problems but Im not willing to invest the money into these since I am a very small buisness and have a very good running mower now. What do you know?

Big M LawnnSnow

LawnSite Member
Belle Mead
I've had it for years and sometimes you just have to live with it.
I just purchased a new Exmark WB with the ECS controls and I used it last week and I'll tell ya what.I liked it alot
I had zero numbness all day with it.
Try one out and see if it works for you.
Take it for a test walk at the dealers and just see if the angle of the grips feel better to you.
There working good for me so far.
Good Luck

Doc Pete

LawnSite Gold Member
New Jersey
Originally posted by Big M LawnnSnow
I've had it for years and sometimes you just have to live with it.
No, that's just not true. You don't want to get older and have that condition.
You can do two things that should stop the problem. The simple one is to buy a Hustler H bar.
Second, if you use a belt drive machine, you can loosen the tension on the lever springs enough so this condition will stop occuring.
We've been over this before, but the only reason the springs are so strong is to allow reverse to operate without slipping. Most of us never use reverse on a belt drive WB.

walk behind

LawnSite Member
Western NC
since you just developed carpal tunnel, it would be wise to switch mower handle design now......see if you can trade or sell your lesco for a better handle design. Your hands will only get worse if you keep using what you are using....(you will see for yourself at the end of the season). For that same reason, we just bought an exmark tthp 52" 17 hp kaw this year to see if that will help alleviate my carpal tunnel (I am trying to avoid surgery).....you need to demo other model's controls and see how they work for you, because if you wait, it will get worse!


LawnSite Gold Member
And dont forget about the toro T- bar, its user friendly also. I also started out with a scag and its a nice machine, but i cant do the pistol grip controls all day


LawnSite Bronze Member
Spring Hill, FL
I too have Carpal Tunnel. My suggestion is to get rid of your walk-behind altogether and get a Z machine. That way you won't have to GRIP control levers, you can just lay your hands on the controls to get them to work. Second, get yourself the lightest trimmer you can find. I use the Husquvarna 325L and think it's the lightest on the market with great power.


LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
I had carpal tunnel in both hands, and I use loop handles , pistols, and lever bars on the Z .It just occurs from constant inflammation of the band of cartilage around the radial nerves in the wrist. Surgery is quick(15-20mins. open to close), painless, and I was back out in the field in less than a week after mine. You can't hardly see the small scars from the surgery either, both were placed in the fold of skin in the middle of the palm , the lifeline.Then I waited 6 weeks and hand the other hand done. Nothing else will alleviate the pain and numbness but surgery. You will get tired of "living with it" very soon, when it gets really bad up into your shoulders.Then, there is nothing you can do.JMO...


LawnSite Senior Member
Good points and surgery is the permanent fix.

Things you can do in the mean time is change your hand position from whats causing it, sleep with a wrist brace on for a week and see if you can sleep through the night without pain and wrap your wrist with icepaks after the agravating task.

My right hand has had surgery, my left isn't too bad unless I really do a lot of wrenching. When my left numbs up, I sleep with a brace which holds my hand and wrist straight.

Don't keep putting off some type of treatment, more damage is done if ignored.

If all else fails, you now have an excuse to buy more equipment.

edward hedrick

LawnSite Senior Member
I have a 52 Lesco belt. Changed pistol grip for Toro T bar. You

push the bar forward to go and pull the bar back for brakes.

Can be driven 1 handed. My Lesco was in Turf April 03. Also

be careful with Trimmer engine touching elbow when trimming.

Hand held blowers also agrivate elbows.

Be happy to give Toro part#. about 250 to change. Ed