Carpenter Bees? How to control?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Doogiegh, Apr 2, 2002.

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    Around my house, there were a 'high' number of carpenter bees last spring, then by June or so they just disapperared and went away. I didn't do anything to kill them, nor did I find a nest. Well, I just saw my first one today for this year.. I hate them.

    Now, these are the bees that seem to have bodies the size of freaking golf balls, they look more like flying acorns than regular bees, yellow jackets or wasps..

    Now, I know that Yellow jackets and regular bees make 'hives' that are made out of a tissue-paper like material.

    Where do Carpenter bees live? Do they make nests? Do they live in a group, like a hive, or by themselves, one by one? And last of all, are they dangerous and do they sting.. As a little kid for some reason, I'll kill any bee, wasp or yellow jacket with a quick stomp of the foot, etc.. But these things give me the wiggies..

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    Like all of Gods creatures, if you kiss them on their lips and stroke them, they will sense your fear and leave.
    Wrong! of course they sting. They borrow into the wood and cover their holes with their droppings and lay their eggs. Thus the damage occurs and they get their name carpenter since they work with wood.

    Head over to your friendly Lesco store and see Larry or Jim Gavigan. They will tell you about the bees sex life's since neither one of them have one. Spray the area with either Demand CS or Tempo Ultra to get control. Both products are micro-encapsulated and have a long control life to control spiders, lady bugs, and ants too.
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    Sealing the wood with paint will also deter them from boring into the surface again. This may be helpful once they have been taken care of though.

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    my neighbor had the same problem. They had large rustic arbor over their patio. These things loved the wood in there. They started getting into the house when they started burrowing through the window cases. They demolished the arbor, and they left with it.

    Some of the neighbor kids use to hunt'em with tennis rackets... :)
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    Carpenter bees come back to the locations they originated from. The only foolproof method for control and eventual erradication is to apply a pesticide in the hole at or after dusk because the bee will be in there. Then place an appropriate size (1/2 inch I think) dowel stick in there to seal it up. Cut the dowel stick beforhand if you like (be sure to not tap it too far because it'll look odd). You can use an inexpensive pesticide like Borid (boric acid), it's slow acting but the bee will die before he has a chance to tunnel out. You will have to do this every year until they don't come around anymore.
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    Why was the thread moved to the off-topic forum and not the pesticide forum???
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    I've been having the same problem.
    The advice I received was similar, but one difference: Carpenter Bees are not agressive, you darn near have to poke their eye to get them to attack you. I have never tried this, so you may not want to either. I just got used to having them around after spraying for 2 consecutive years and covering/ painting the holes. It really didn't help in my case. Looking to import some weird chinese dragon or buzzard that makes them a main staple of it's diet...........
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    One of my customers has a problem with flying/swarming bug that look like bees but the are not big like carpenter bees. I thought they were honey bees. They are covering the entire yard this year. None will try to sting you(if they could). I remember one year I hit a stump and they swarmed out of that. Any ideas on what they are and how to treat them?
  9. Scraper

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    I was wondering the same thing Bill!

    I have a huge problem with them at my home and have been chasing them for 2 years now. Hopefully I can finally eradicate this year. I have been afraid to plug holes as I heard that if the don't die or they have laid their eggs they ill burrow out an even larger hole finding their way out. Worst part is the woodpeckers coming in and going after them...I have cedar siding....ugh!
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    Originally posted by thelawnguy
    Why was the thread moved to the off-topic forum and not the pesticide forum???

    Sorry about that. My blunder. :(

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