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carry on trailers?


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I've got a 6.5/12 enclosed carry-on...Only enclosed I've ever owned but it seems decent to me. I'll be upgrading hopefully sooner than later to something bigger, but for the time being she's holding quite a bit of weight and keeps smiling. In the scheme of things it's a cheaply made trailer but depending what you're trying to do with it, it's a good piece.

jay albers

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white haven pa
cool, thanks for the input guys. I found a scratch and dent place, i thought 1200 was pretty good for a 7x14. they also have a double axle 7x14 for 1800. I may go for that one

any thoughts on double or single axles? I'll be haulin a ztr ride on and a walk behind,and leaves in the fall. The double has brakes the single does'nt.


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Carry on is junk (at least our 6X12 single axle is anyway). The steel mesh on the gate is all broken up and if you stand up in the front corner the trailer twists from just 1 persons weight. Plus the tires wear out pretty quickly. I myself would never buy another one. We carry 1 34" ZTR and one 60" ZTR on it.


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Hastings, NE
I've had a utility 4x6 for 4 years now. Trailer lights have been redone twice, finally got good ones on there the second time - $250.00. Mesh floor is broken from side to side, new floor going on as we speak - $30.00 (just treated plywood), we'll see how it works. They are low-end starter trailers for use from time to time, not everything on these little trailers will hold up for light, heavy or commercial use.

My 2 cents...


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OHIO, Cortland
When i first started out all i could afford was a carry on that i bought at the local tractor supply store. I first had to replace the wiring to the lights because the mesh floor rubbed through the wires, I replaced the wire running it through some small plastic conduit. This trailer was too small from the time I purchased it, only used for a few weeks. Soon after the first purchase I bought a much better built trailer with wooden deck(treated) and angle iron 3" frame...still use this trailer 9 years later...service and paint it yearly in th eoff season. I have recently purchased a used carry-on 6.5x12 to carry-on and have used it daily for half a year to carry one ztr, one WB and one or two 21" mowers with trimmer rack and this has been flawless..much better than the mesh floor one I once owned...I picked mine up used for 850 so before I would spend what you mentioned I would look on craiglist/ebay to see if i could get better deal