Carrying concealed while working

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    I'll take it one step further, you point a gun at some crazed crack addict and this fool is in such a state of mind he reaches out, grabs your gun and with his thumb squeezes your trigger finger in effect killing himself. You and all the hotshots think, oh well!

    But when the police arrive you're the only one left standing, dead people don't talk and the cops don't see things your way.
    They see things in a whole different light because they're all upset about what just happened in some place like Connecticutt.
    And the parents and all the gun rights activists get up in arms about it.

    And you and yours have to defend yourself tooth and nail so that you don't spend life in prison.

    You get out of it, but it cost you dearly.
    For starters you sold your house to pay off the attorney.
    Your wife who still loves you dearly couldn't stand the stress and moved elsewhere.
    Your life is in pieces and will never be the same again, you see a psychiatrist weekly.

    And if you think the situation can't happen or that it would be a first, you would be mistaken.

    Thank you.
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    what about my aunt who upon leaving sears saw a man trying to break into someone car. shot both is legs and dialed 911.

    police came with medics. tended to the thief and sent my aunt on her way after she gave her story.

    wasn't even her vehicle or on her property.
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    Nice story...or you wrestle with this heroin addict and get stabbed by his HIV infected needle or it comes to punches and you get HIV infected blood all over your busted up knuckles.

    No thanks i'll take the jail time...
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    Here is a real story....

    As Jennifer Hawke-Petit and 11-year-old Michaela Petit shopped at a local supermarket, unbeknownst to them, they had been targeted by Komisarjevsky, who followed them home, and planned to later rob the family by home invasion. Anticipating their deeds, Hayes and Komisarjevsky exchanged text messages that were later introduced in court. Hayes first messaged Komisarjevsky: "I'm chomping at the bit to get started. Need a margarita soon". Hayes then texts: "We still on?" Komisarjevsky replies "Yes". Hayes' next text asks, "Soon?", to which Komisarjevsky replied with "I'm putting the kid to bed hold your horses". Hayes then asserts "Dude, the horses want to get loose. LOL."

    According to Hayes' confession, the two men planned to rob the house and flee the scene with the family bound and unharmed. Hayes attributed the outcome of the spree to a change in their plan. Upon their early morning arrival, they found William Petit sleeping on a couch on the porch. With a bat Komisarjevsky had found in the yard, he bludgeoned William and then restrained him in the basement at gun point. The children and their mother were each bound and locked in their respective rooms. Hayes says he and Komisarjevsky were not satisfied with their haul, and that a bankbook was found which had an available balance. Hayes convinced Jennifer to withdraw $15,000 from her line of credit. A gas station's video surveillance shows Hayes purchasing $10 worth of gasoline in two cans he had taken from the Petit home. After returning to the house, and unloading the gas, he took her to the bank. The prosecution later entered this as evidence of premeditation.

    The bank surveillance cameras captured the transaction which shows Hawke-Petit in the morning of July 23 as she informed the teller of her situation. The teller then called 911 and reported the details to police. Hawke-Petit left the bank, was picked up by Hayes, who had escorted her there, and drove away. These actions were reported to the 911 dispatcher and recorded in real time. The teller stated that Hawke-Petit had indicated the assailants were "being nice", and she believed they only wanted money.

    The Cheshire police response to the bank tellers' "urgent bid" began with assessing the situation and setting up a vehicle perimeter. These preliminary measures employed by the police exhausted more than half an hour and provided the time used by the assailants to conclude their modified plan.

    During this time, Hayes and Komisarjevsky escalated the aggravated nature of their crimes. Komisarjevsky sexually assaulted the 11-year-old daughter, Michaela. Komisarjevsky, who had photographed the sexual assault of the youth on his cell phone, then provoked Hayes to rape Hawke-Petit. While Hayes was raping Hawke-Petit on the floor of her living room, Komisarjevsky entered the room announcing that William Petit had escaped. Hayes then strangled Hawke-Petit, doused her lifeless body and parts of the house including the daughters' rooms with gasoline. The daughters, while tied to their beds, had both been doused with gasoline; each had her head covered with a pillowcase. A fire was then ignited, and Hayes and Komisarjevsky fled the scene. 17-year-old Hayley and 11-year-old Michaela both died from smoke inhalation.

    William Petit had been able to free himself, escape his confines, and call to a neighbor for help. The neighbor indicated that he did not recognize Petit, due to the severity of Petit's injuries. In court testimony, William Petit stated that he felt a "jolt of adrenaline" coupled with a need to escape upon hearing one of the perpetrators state: "Don't worry, it's going to be all over in a couple of minutes." Petit then told the jury, "I thought, it's now or never because in my mind at that moment, I thought they were going to shoot all of us."

    Hayes and Komisarjevsky fled the scene using the Petit family car. They were immediately spotted by police surveillance, pursued by police, apprehended, and arrested one block away. The whole invasion lasted seven hours.
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    Are you really wyatt Earp?
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    I call BS on this
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    who's wyatt earp?

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    Try google.

    You working christmas?
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    doesn't look like it.

    we had some snow yesterday but it never stuck and there really isn't any in the forecast until wed. so I'll be off this holiday.

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