Carrying concealed while working

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rocklandls, Dec 14, 2012.

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    If you can find the ammo, the shortages are nuts right now. Ive got over 750 brass that needs primers and i cant get them anywhere.
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    I don't understand? I have mulitiple guns. My kids cannot get their hands on them due to my Cannon long gun safe and my Gunvault quick entry pistol safe.
    Every irresponsible adult who acquires a weapon allows even more uneducated children to have access to them.
    To the OP, I carry a Keltec P3at .380. Its small, easy to carry in my pocket, on my ancle, or inside the pants holster. Its easy to break down and clean.
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    A weapon really should be kept "on the body" as opposed to off body storage. What good is it if it isn't readily accessed? And off body simply adds to the complexity of storing/securing the weapon. Better to have a sidearm IWB than a long gun secured in the office... In the next building. Ideally all administrators, teachers willing to, janitorial/maintenance staff would get specialized training. Honestly, we ask these people to take care and be responsible for our children in their charge. Shouldn't we give them the training, tools and respect?

    And no BS, want respect back in the class room? Arm them. That janitor that brings the saw dust for the vomit, suddenly gets a whole new level of respect. Seriously, I wouldn't mandate all teachers carry. But it just might become a plus on a resume'.
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    You may enjoy this tidbit of liberal genius...

    Brilliant Principal Suggests Arming Kids With Canned Food

    Seriously - you can't make this crap up.

  5. GrassGuerilla

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    Yep, nothing makes me feel more "empowered" than having a can of peas. Guess the Principal has watched too many Home Alone movies. If the gun control types get their way we may all need some extra canned goods for home defense.
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  6. OakNut

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    Large, 30 oz cans of crushed tomatoes strictly prohibited.

    "We believe this restriction to be reasonable because nobody needs a can of vegetables larger than 15.5 oz. to hunt, or defend themselves with."

  7. burtle

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    I can't figure out which gun I want to carry off duty (concealed)

    I have a Glock .23, way to big.
    I had a Remington .357, way to small and un-accurate.

    I looked at the Glock .30 SF but it seems as if it would be uncomfortable as well.

    Any advice ??
  8. TPendagast

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    Teachers, Admin, Janitors etc… arming them like shock troopers against…. who?
    The imaginary army of criminals the media would have you believe is marching on our school system?

    Think about that, ARMING people in the education system would 1)Be asking people who are MOSTLY liberal to begin with (and the very people who are against guns for the most part) if they'd like to carry some guns?
    there would be a protest every other week because they are "wrongly required" to carry pistols; and the smell of gun oil offends their sensibilities. This would is a babied band of union stooges that get paid to have more time off, and produce nothing, that any other job description in the country. They simply will not stand for anything like that, that would make them uncomfortable in any way (even tho they can't see them they could smell them) or for example, making their coffee one degree colder.

    2) GUNS don't give people respect.
    I can grab a firearm out of many people's hands and smack them with it.
    Depending on which school system we are talking about, there are some high schoolers who can pull that off too.
    IF you want respect back in the school system, you have to put authority to actually discipline back in the school system, and return it to parents at home.
    Which essentially mean eviscerating the Child Protection Gustapo; and the idea every kid who doesn't like the way his/her BS was handled can just tattle to the government as retaliation for what they had coming to them.
    But no one wants to do that because they can't stomach the thought that there might be one real case of child abuse that might go unavenged.

    and as far as Janitor goes, that position is mostly occupied by people who don't qualify to do anything else, much less qualify to carry a firearm in possibly the most scrutinized environment in the world (or it would be if guns were being carried in schools)

    Guns won't/don't change the reality of society we live in.

    As for the concept of a handgun is better than a long gun in the next room, Tell that to the police officers at the LA Bank Robbery shoot out. They all had handguns and might as well been throwing rocks at those guys. Eventually, Cops had to go to a gun store (not their squad car, not the room next door) down the street a few blocks to buy some rifles!

    .380s and 9mms will never be a preferable primary weapon over a good long gun. Hand guns were designed to be, are now and always will be a backup measure to a good long gun.
  9. TPendagast

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    If your main weapon is the Glock, then your deep conceal choice should always be the subcompact version in set same calibre.

    So in your case, Glock 23 goes to the shorty forty, or Glock 27. The smaller one can use the larger weapons mags.
    Keep the bigger one in the truck, the little guys job is to fight you way to the combat pistol.
    But if you live in a world were you really need to do something like that?
    Id prefer an H&K G36 locked up under the back seat.

    if the 27 is still too bulky, I would suggest the Glock subcompact Slimline… it only comes in .380 auto. I can't recall it's model number, but all the manual of arms of a Glock are still there, so familiarity in operation is the key.

    As far as accuracy, a combat handgun needs to get in the black at 25 meters. You're not doing counter sniper duty with it...
  10. gcbailey

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    So, so, so, so, so true... My mother worked for 30+ year for DHHR (formerly welfare dept, but alas political correctness). This is the most true statement you will ever hear regarding the school system. I've heard and saw first hand the horror stories of parents loosing their kids because the brats reported their parent for spanking them. Once those kids get in a foster home where the foster parents are just in it for the check, they think twice about how good they had it at home vs. living with Mr. and Mrs. 15 kids and counting.

    I went to a private school k-12 and they firmly believed in corporal punishment. After getting paddled a few times at school then reliving the situation at home, you start learning what you can and can't do. This whole "time out" crap and whatever else just isn't, hasn't, never will cut it.

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