Carrying concealed while working

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    great points here. in a situation like the massacre there most likely will be no opportunity to shoot the shooter first.

    this nut jobs just go in spraying bullets. it's not like they introduce themselves or announce they are coming.

    now could a gun carrying teacher lessen the number of deaths by taking the shooter out before they've done all there damage, sure. but a gun carrying teacher or even all of them can't prevent it totally.
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    I have had my CCP for years, do I carry yes, here is my issue with society to day there aren't enough people who have hunted and watched a animal die. So people don't have any respect gun and the damage that they can do, not just the damage but the damage to your life. Are you willing to end a life? If you carry a gun you had better be. I will never be that guy who going to get into a shoot out. The only time I would is if my self or my family was cornered and couldent get away.
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    Best thing to do is hit the gym and work on your sprints, that way you can run his a$$ down and take him to the police yourself.
  4. show-n-go

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    I carry a bodyguard 380, although not as much as i should i will start having it on me more. I think any teacher that wants to should be aloud to carry, if no teacher in a particular school wants to then an admin or security cop should be present with one at all times, it would at least limit the number of deaths by these idiots.

    I would not hesitate to shoot someone if myself or anyone near me was in grave danger
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    in sarasota county fl we do they are called school resource officers and they are FULLY ARMED county or city police officers, and they will take you down if it calls for!
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    Id say it would be best to educate the kids about the Safety & Protection Device(handgun). It would make them feel safer that's for sure & I doubt they'd mouth off as much as long as she informed then early on to behave or else. Might get into parent/teacher problems with kids lying. "Mom, Mrs.Thomas said, Don't make me shoot you today at school". If mom had any sense she might reply: Now why might she have wanted to shoot my sweet Brandon,well huh?
    Umm well, nevermind.
    Definitely some benefits.
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    An armed police officer assigned to a school is one thing. I agree with that, especially for a high school. I'm not sure its necessary for primary schools, but on duty town police officers could include making the rounds through elementary schools randomly, including walking the halls and interacting with the students. That would be a much better solution than arming teachers. This is what the police sign up for. They receive proper training. Teachers don't, even if they go through the training course, its not the same. Can you imagine the potential concerns with school employees carrying firearms? Increases liability insurance for one. Lawsuits with that one time a hand gun gets into a child's hands. I know gun control is an unpopular view on this site. But if you take away guns, you take away gun violence. England is a good example. Very tight gun laws= very low gun deaths. Its a very simple equation.
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    Get real! Buy some insurance and lock up your gear.
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    NewEarth, even your country has more stringent hand gun laws including tougher background checks. Your gun homicide rate is less than 200 per year.
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    Let's try disarming in Mexico City & see if that helps but let's do it Fast & Furiously.
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