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    Not necessary for a primary school? Have you seen the news? It was an elementary school that got hit. What, elementary students are expendible? Police officers can't be everywhere. People have been brainwashed into believing they are there to protect you. They are there to fill out the report after the crime is committed. That is all. People need to start taking responsibility and protect themselves and those around them. Those kids ain't ever coming back. Some of them may have survived had it been legal for staff to carry a gun. The laws we currently have make schools a great target for these massacres.
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    That is sadly true, none of those killed in Newtown are coming back. In China on the same day, a similar horrible event happened where a crazy man entered an elementary school and attacked 22 children. With a knife. They all survived. China has very strict gun control laws. That man didn't have easy access to firearms. Doesn't that say anything? It was very similar situations. Very different laws. Very different results. You all want to be safe. I want to be safe. Get rid of hand guns and hand gun violence stops. How more simple can it be?
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    what about a diffrent approach? It seems we can all agree that any of these people that do these kind of crimes are crazy as hell. Would it be too much to ask to actively enforce the laws that are on the books regarding guns today? And then maybe try to come up with a way to keep nutcases from walking into a store or gun show and buying one. I have a few guns but it wouldn't bother me to go through a more thorough check before being able to purchase one. At the same time send people to jail for any crime involving a gun and keep them there. When I was in school we didn't have fences around them. Now, many look like prisons more than schools, not sure adding guards is the solution.
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    Taking guns away from from everyone won't stop anyone but the law abidding people. Drug's are illegal to have,make,grow, or sell yet there is thousands of transactions and infractions that go on daily. Arming law abidding people will curve some of it and in the case of the school shooting it would limit the number of injury's if someone were to stop the shooter. taking away more of our rights is not the answer, all that does is give the criminals more unprotected targets.

    even if you take guns away whats to stop someone that wants to kill from using their car or some other meathod, if they want to do it bad enough they will find a way. should we outlaw cars to since people die every day from careless drivers?
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    The big difference between cars and guns are their intended purposes. Since the beginning, guns were designed for war and killing people. Obviously, cars are not. You can kill someone with your fists, as well, but that isn't what this debate is about. The main objective of a gun is to kill. The man in China didn't have those same resources available. Those children lived.
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    This is exactly how it needs to be in every school! had the school in conn had this system in place can you imagine the difference it would have made? Our HS's have this also but we need to implement it at all levels in every school. Maybe only one SRO is needed but he would be a lot closer than waiting on a 911 call to go through.
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    There's no doubt in my mind that schools need to be armed. Banks and jewlery stores have armed guards, are our kids worth less? I would like to see something along the lines of sky marshals. One or two highly trained and armed individuals dressed in plain clothes among the crowd. Candidates would be chosen from teachers and administrators deemed suitable for training. Heck, send them to the police training academy. That way no one knows who they are or where the are so that it's not likely they will be targeted and taken out as someone in uniform would be.
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    The answer to your question is that it isn't that simple at all. I would hesitate using China as an example. China has had strict laws regarding weapons because the government used to fear a hostile rebellion among it's citizens. It's a product of communism and a dictatorship. Use some European countries like Spain or England if you want to make that argument. The fundamental flaw in your argument are that you can't simply "take away" guns. It's time the extremists on both sides of this issue wake up and realize the solution is not swinging to one extreme or the other. Arming everyone will do no good. Taking away an honest and sane person's right to own guns will do no good. There is probably a solution to this issue that will help curb the frequency of tragic events like what happened yesterday, but you won't ever stop it all together. Make background checks more thorough. Make the wait time longer. Put a limit on how many firearms you can purchase for a given period of time. Encourage more firearm safety courses. This is all fine and dandy. But it wont stop all gun violence. Neither will trying to take all guns away from people who are honest, sane and know how to use them safely. You have to figure out a way to meet in the middle and figure out how to better protect the population while also making sure you are respectful of law abiding people who just want to be comfortable with the rights they have.
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    Using communist china as an example is pretty stupid. Really? You did your homework there? lol!
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    I think the reason my school had two security guards and two SROs was because their is anywhere between 2,000 and 2,500 students on the campus. It was a pretty large school.

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