Carrying concealed while working

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    This makes the most sense of anything I've read anywhere, Nobody needs to know who the school marshal is especially the students it may just be one of them who turns out to be the shooter, as tragic as that sounds.
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    we just finished a huge makeover in two counties here all new high schools probably 10- 15new high schools, the one in the town I grew up in will accomodate up to 3000 students it's like a college campus, this is not to mention several new middle schools and elementry schools. they spent hundreds of millions on this makeover, if they can get money like that for new schools they can get money for plain clothed sro's.
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    I would second the notion that schools spend money while neglecting important considerations such as security. As a caveat I would add that schools and legislators have shown they are capable of making systematic EFFECTIVE changes. In particular, fire prevention. I belive I am correct that the last death by fire in a school took place in the 1950's. Since that time schools and lawmakers have found the funds and training to succesfully avoid any death related to a school fire. Schools spend large amounts of funds on fire prevention , as they should because it saves lives. My opinion is that there must be an honest assesment of security practices in each school and changes MUST be implemented to protect the innocent. This is our reality. Secondly, I am of the opinion that those trained and educated to responsibly CCW have a duty to society to do so.
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    Woody, I actually agree with your post. China may not be a good compasrison to America. Their reason for gun control is to suppress the population. My point was to compare the differences in the two tragedies. Meeting somewhere in the middle is the only solution. The government will never or could ever take away people's firearms. For all of you who defend the 2nd amendment, would you consider an assault rifle ban or a ban on large clips? The shooter in CT used an assault rifle for all the deaths. Each victim was shot multiple times. Does this infringe on the peoples right to bear arms?
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    After doing some research, it appears that in many of these mass shootings, including this one, all the guns were purchased legally bu law abiding citizens completing the required background check and waiting periods. The shooters lived in the homes with their family members where the guns were present and had access to them.
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    No. He used a Glock and a Sig Sauer both handguns. The rifle was found in the car. He broke into the school by smashing the glass on the front door which was locked as were all other doors. Visitors were normally buzzed in by someone in the front office inside the front door. It was there that he took out his first victims who worked there. Someone apparently in the front office tried to make an announcement over the PA system but they were shot and killed. The mic remained open so the whole school heard the gun shots. Certainly ample warning and enough time, if there were armed security to take action.
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    The state medical examiner said on live Tv today that everyone was shot with the "long " one, implying the assault rifle. It seems there is new information coming out that changes what is known. Such as all the children were first graders, not in kindergarten. As if it makes any difference.
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    well said sir.
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    forgive me for my comments they were wrong and came at one of the worse times. I was blinded by anger from the post I was commenting about.

    all I was trying to do was prove my point that I don't feel we have a responsibility to anyone other than ourselves and I did it in a disgusting way.

    I spoke (typed) before thinking as I sometimes do.

    of course in a situation like CT I would help if I could. I would probably help in more situations than I actually think I would. but I don't feel a responsibility ever to anyone but myself and I wouldn't expect anyone else to feel any different either.

    I think from the damage I've done from my post I will be departing this website so farewell and good luck to you all.
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    Could you please explain to me what an "assault" rifle is and why it is more dangerous than any other rifle? What makes an "assault" rifle an "assault" rifle? Should all rifles be banned or just your so called "assault" rifles.

    The answer to your second question, yes banning these does infringe on your right to bear arms. What is confusing about "shall not be infringed upon"?

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