Carrying concealed while working

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    i remember seeing an advertisement months ago for a disney movie, where 1 girl made a gun figure with her hands and pretended to shoot people, then put her fingers to her own head as to kill her self. with the documented facts that CIA officers control the media, even disguised as reporters, it makes you wonder why the media does such things?
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    Castle Doctrine

    ".....may in certain circumstances use force, up to and including deadly force, to defend against an intruder without becoming liable to prosecution."

    "Each state differs in the way it incorporates the castle doctrine into its laws, what premises are covered (abode only, or other places too), what degree of retreat or non-deadly resistance is required before deadly force can be used, etc.

    Typical conditions that apply to some Castle Doctrine laws include:

    An intruder must be making (or have made) an attempt to unlawfully or forcibly enter an occupied residence, business or vehicle.

    The intruder must be acting unlawfully—for example, the Castle Doctrine does not give the right to use force against officers of the law acting in the course of their legal duties.

    The occupant(s) of the home must reasonably believe the intruder intends to inflict serious bodily harm or death upon an occupant of the home. Some states apply the Castle Doctrine if the occupant(s) of the home reasonably believe the intruder intends to commit a lesser felony such as arson or burglary.
    The occupant(s) of the home must not have provoked or instigated an intrusion, or provoked or instigated an intruder to threaten or use deadly force.
    In all cases, the occupant(s) of the home must be there legally, must not be fugitives from the law or aiding or abetting another person in being a fugitive from the law, and must not use force upon an officer of the law performing a legal duty
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    true he did steal the guns. but I think banning guns from everyone but law enforcement and military is hardly the answer.

    I never said stricter gun laws was the perfect answer. in this case gun laws in general had nothing to do with the situation but there have been other cases where stricter gun laws might have prevented the situation.

    for example the batman movie shooting. that guy legally acquired his guns.

    there is no perfect answer. but as long as people are aquiring weapons illegally do you really wanna take away guns from us citizens meaning less people able to defend against such people? there are only so many police and military to go around.
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    Maybe one thing we're missing here is the consequences for killing someone during the act of a crime, if we would make the punishment of killing someone so bad that at least people would think twice, I know it wouldn't have made a difference in the conn case but I think it would do a lot to deter people. This probably opens up a whole nother can of worms, LOL
  5. C & T Landscaping

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    I agree. You kill someone, you're sentenced to death. Along with other harsh crimes involving children (rape, kidnapping etc) It would make the people think twice before doing it...unless like in this case, they kill themselves. I can see self inflected gunshot wounds rise, if something like this were implemented though.
  6. Richard Martin

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    It works in Israel and Switzerland. They don't have these problems with people mass murdering anybody (aside from foreign terrorists in Israel).
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    I have no idea what the local penalties are. I do know that the mounties take a really dim view of killing people who aren't directly attempting to do the same. (Even then they are not dancing with joy.) I don't own a handgun and have no intention of getting one. I'm getting a FAC so that I can get something bigger than a borrowed .22 to deal with porcupines.

    I underplayed my argument to drive home the point: Even if were a matter of just paperwork and inquest, it would still be too much. The risks are too high. The benefits too low. THATs why I said you were loonies.

    Statistically we are safer. Overall firearms deaths are 1/3 that of the US. But we are more inclined to suicide by bullet than you are. Homicide ratio is 8:1. (All numbers are per 100,000 population.

    How many stories can you claim where an armed lawnsman dealt with a Black Hat and things worked out well for him. That short a list, eh?

    Yeah, Yeah, I know the aphorism, "better to be convicted by 12 than carried by 6" Put up or shut up: Where are the stories either way?

    I'm a staunch supporter of the right to arm bears. But it's not my neighbor or the people in my neighborhood. It's the government. But I don't have the training or the resources, so I have to be clever instead.
  8. Will P.C.

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    Shooting and killing an unarmed man running away with your blower and Ipod would likely put you in prison and 10k in legal fees. Other than trying to scare them off, I probably would not even pull out my gun. Not worth the potential problems for 700 dollars in equipment. The law almost seems to flip in these types of situations where the guy stealing your stuff has more rights than you.

    When I was robbed in my car at night, I had 2 guys both with guns sneak out on either side of me while my hands were on the steering wheel and radio. Gun would have been stolen.

    If someone kicks in my families door at 2AM, I will take a shot when I have a clear shot.
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    Absolutly not. Im progun and live in a state with very relaxed gun laws and I like it like that.
    Fix the freak, not the gun law.
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    I always carry while working. Especially when I due grass cuts for bank owned homes in Detroit and when I'm out plowing alone at night. There was a couple front loader operators who were robbed at gunpoint in the Detroit metro area last year.

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