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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by cutnchukcanuk, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Hello. I have been lurking around for a while and thought it was time to come out of the shed! Story is I am a homeowner looking for a used skid for personal use and maybe a little side work to help recoup some of my investment. I am interested in a 1994 case 1840. I am cautious as this unit has only 425 hrs orig, was owned by a farmer. Second owner says it has original paint and needs nothing. Based on web searching and opinions from the experienced on this site it is way overpriced at 15,000 US including 16ft trailer (9000lb?). It looks minty, but overpriced. Everyone seems to know someone who bought one for a song, but I haven't found much for much less money or in decent condition with under 1500 hrs. I don't intend to offer that much, should I go in a different direction with my choice? Any opinions on whether this unit would be suitable for attachments such as a backhoe or grapple? Would it have hi flow? Thanks and my next post will be shorter! Maybe?
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    I would guess closer to $10k with a trailer??? It will take most attachments. It probably doesnt have high flow. Good luck . doug
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    Thanks for the reply Doug! I may have to lower my standards a little. On my side of the 49th they seem more expensive and little selection. I would be happy with something mechanically sound. I think an 1840 would fit my needs rather well. Does anyone have any suggestions of a similar machine with regard to ability and reliability? Thanks!
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    A 1994 with 400 hours on it is a true gem. I owned a 1994 model year 1840. I put just under 3000 hours on that machine. They updated the quick attache about that time. You want the quick attach that is made of tube steel. The lighter one is not that heavy duty. I bent it use it on a backhoe attachment. An 1840 with 400 hours on it is easily worth 10-1300 thousand. Depending on condition and location. The 1800 series machines in good condition continue to bring very good money at auction. The wildcard would be the trailer. If is named brand in good condition with at least a 12K GVW it would not be a bad deal. Anything less than that and I would try and separate the skid steer from the trailer.
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    Thanks ksss for the advice. I have a local dealer telling me that there is no way 425 hrs. can be legit. I have heard that it is not difficult to unhook the hour meters in these machines, so I will have to guage whether the hours fit the wear and tear. Any key areas to look over on this machine? Thanks


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