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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by superiorcs, May 18, 2008.

  1. superiorcs

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    I just purchase a Case 430 series 3 skidsteer and i am unsure about a couple of things. It has the Instrument panel so you don't need a key to start it. I played around with it and set the display to show engine hours. I just got the machine and it shows 1000.0 on the display. Does this mean the machine has 1000 hrs? Wouldn't make sense since i just got it. Also, when i get into the setup and check the timer, it shows 2.4hrs of runtime.

    Just wondering if anyone owns the same machine and could explain why it would show 1000 instead of showing the total runtime.

    Also, isn't the engine hours and runtime the same thing?

    Thanks in advance
  2. ksss

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    The new display (deluxe type) has the keyless start. It also has a job clock. So one display will be total engine hours and the other would be a job clock (much like trip reset on your car) you can track hours on each job. Why it is showing a thousand, I don't know, I am guessing that it needs to be reset as you may have misentered something. I was shown how to run the instrument panel but I can remember everything about it....sorry. Worse comes to worse, breakout the destruction manual it will tell you how to set it up. It should be located behind the seat.

    Now tell us about the machine. Did you get pilots or servo? What do you think of the power of the machine? Comfort...did you get a cab, or open ROPS?
  3. superiorcs

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    I have been in business for 3 years now. I used to work for a large company where i ran a 1845c. So i have lots of experience running a machine, but none owning one. I am a new owner and just ran the machine for a couple of hours. It is really comfortable. I got the cab, it's a 2speed, ROPS and FOP (don't know what those mean).
    So far, the machine is good but getting a little frusturated with the panel.

    I will post more about the machine when i have a chance to test the power. Only had it for a couple of days.

    Thanks for the reply though.
  4. ksss

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    I tooled around the dealers lot in a Series 3 465. They had both a OROPS and EROPS. I could not unlock the code on the cabed unit but the open air version was not locked. I tooled around the yard with it. It was set up for ISO. The pilot control system is awesome on it. Great response, I thought it had the perfect amount of resistance in the handle, cycle times were very good and faster than my 07 model. I am not sure what the top speed is but dam it was fast. I really wanted to run the cabbed unit but that will have to wait I guess. I want to demo one in the dirt, but initially I really liked it.
  5. allinearth

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    Can't wait till I'm in the market again. Make sure you tell us how the machine does in the dirt when you get a chance to use it.:waving:
  6. YellowDogSVC

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    Though I went with a 272c when I should have waited, the 465 3 specs look very good. Do you think that extra torque will make up for the difference in hp and extra weight compared to the 272c? Have you seen the CAT cab to compare to the Case cab?
  7. dozerman21

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    Yellow- Did you ever get your cab issues resolved? Last I saw you were waiting for something from your dealer? I saw a thread on HEF about it and I read what some of the idiots were writing about you complaining about debree in the cab when it should be pressurized and dust free.:hammerhead: Some people just don't get it.

    I used some weatherstripping and DAP expanding foam in my Deere the other day, and it seems to be about 95% dust free. My next loader will definetly have a pressurized cab, and I too will expect it to be dust free as advertised.
  8. stuvecorp

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    How do you like the keyless option? That sounds like something good, never forget the key.
  9. ksss

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    I have spent more time in the CAT cab than the CASE cab. I would say that in comparing both cabs they are both current automotive quality. As far as room they are very close to each other. There is not tons of room in either one. As far as looks I would say that the CAT looks better but that is very subjective, both are nice cabs.

    As far as performance, I can say that the 256 C did not favorably compare to my current CASE machines in wheel torque. I could only imagine that would be even more significant with the Series 3 machine which went from 263 foot pounds to 288 foot pounds. It would be interesting to hook a mulching head to a 465-3. I would really like to hear how it works. I don't have an attachment that takes that kind of flow to compare.

    Any one that demos these machines, I think will find the cabs very nice, how dirt proof they are, don't know and with all the rain we are getting I wont for a while. They are comfortable and the seat is much improved, but the controls I was most impressed with. I had not had a chance to run a machine with the pilots since prototyping them some years ago. I think they did a great job tweaking the Rexroth system. It is much better than the CAT B series initial B anyway, I have not run a BII machine yet. I also found it much better IMHO than the E/H at least initially.
  10. ksss

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    They actually were very smart. The code is made up of 4 touch pads each pad had 3 numbers to each pad. It is like texting on a cell phone. That way you cant guess the code based on the wear seen on certain touch pads. I guess this is an issue with the BC keyless system. I like the idea, more secure, don't need a key, the only thing is how will it hold up. More electronics between the user and the machine getting work down. As long as it works, I am all for it.

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