CASE 580sm has arrived!!

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by mrsops, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Dan85

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    Haha, well then I guess you'll just have to boom it all the way back and ride around like that for a while - it should actually stay pretty good because that's what I did my first couple of times out and it really didn't float down much.

    I'll be curious to see what suggestions your friend has to offer (as well as anyone else on the forum), maybe I'm missing the trick all together?

    Most definitely. Think about the vast volume difference between a 10' pusher and the bucket.

    Here's mine in all her glory:

  2. T Scapes

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    nice backhoe any reason for going with the 4in1 over a regular bucket
  3. earthmover

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    Congrats! The machine looks real clean and has some low hours for a '05. If you don't mind sharing about how much did you pick it up for?

    Also, There is a trick to getting the Case boom to lock. We had a Case 580k and you would have to swing the boom back fast enough to get it to lock and once you catch on it's easy. Hopefully you friend can show you how it's done.
  4. mrsops

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    Paid 35 k. I tried doing that with the boom i dont know what the hell is going on
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  5. mrsops

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    4in1 is just better in general for street work cleaning up and even loading trucks just open it up and let the material come right out.
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    locking the backhoe was something that had me nervous as well when i demoed one. the salesman just said to bring it iin at full speed and it would lock. I figured it's his machine and did it. man it was close to the glass. a little unnerving the first time. after that i just looked the other and pulled the lever. good luck with it.
  7. stuvecorp

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    Nice PowerTan! :drinkup:
  8. dozerman21

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    Bring the boom in easy, no more than half speed. Reverse the direction (left stick forward) just before it gets to the lock. It should ease right in. Nice machine.
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  9. Swampy

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    I use the 580 SM (series 1 I guess you call it) in the Army, replaced the SEE Truck for those that where equipment operator's. Its been a awesome machine other than some of the Army modifcations I.E. the cab.

    Easiest way to get the bucket to lock, and it will freak you out at first and some practice with it. 1/2 to full throtle, bring the the arm back all the way, lower it about 6 inches, pull the stick back all the way, right when it reaches that apex before the arm bounces push the stick forward. Its tricky to explain, and its alot easier to just sit next to someone and walk them threw it.

    If you need any help with anything else feel free to ask, I went through Case's factory training on that machine when our unit picked them up.

    Sorry KSSS its no longer power tan, but power drab?????

  10. coopers

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    Well said. Right when you feel the stick is done coming back at you, you push forward...nicely...and it'll lock. Very easy to do. Watch this youtube link below at 7:12 and you can see where the hoe wants to stop coming up. I've seen some idiots slam the hoe back because they jam the lever forward thinking the faster they do it (and the higher the throttle) the better...good way to break the latch/lock. You'll get good enough at it that you won't have to bring it up, then lower it then bring it back. You just bring it up and latch it and go...just like the link below.

    Nice hoe btw. Nice to see a case hoe on this forum. Now don't forget to update with pics on the job. :)

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