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Case/Ingersoll 6018 hyrdaulic fluid?


LawnSite Member
Hey fella's. Got a quick question for you. I just picked up a Ingersoll Rand 6018 front end loader tractor. I am slightly confused as to what fluid to put in the hydraulics. It calls for 20-40w, but its a hydraulic system. Someone told me I could use motor oil, but I am not going to ruin a perfectly good machine on some "nobody's" say so :laugh: . My Ingersoll dealer is closed today, so I figured I'd give it a shot here as I cannot get in touch with a dealer and find out until monday and as I'm sure you guys know, sunday is the best maintence day. Thanks in advance


LawnSite Senior Member
Parkton NC
Motor oil. Alot of machines are going to motor oil for the hyd systems. Truth is.. Alot have had it for years!


LawnSite Member
Wadsworth, OH
Use the motor oil. I am a Mechanical Engineer and I design a lot of hydraulic systems for industry. It used to be bad to use motor oil as hydraulic oil, because motor oil had detergent in it, the detergent would cause foaming, but today's motor oil has very little detergent in it and is perfectly acceptable as hydraulic oil. In the end, it is more important to put in clean oil and keep the oil clean, than which type of oil is used.
If you want your equipment to last, use a clean funnel, clean edges of the filler hole, and filter the new oil on the way in with a strainer funnel.