Case loader with aftermarket track system

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by qps, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. qps

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    Death machine:laugh:

  2. ksss

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    What did you think of those VTS tracks compared to your CAT tracks (made by the same company). How did the bolt on tracks compare in ride quality, tractive effort do you think to a dedicated tracked machine. A landscaper who bought my used 70XT bought a used set. He has not bolted them on yet. He said they weighed something like 1500 pounds per side. That is heavy. No wonder the Bobcat guys are snaping axles with them. I still like the concept. It does not appear that the OEMs are all that hot on them. Partly because of CAT's involvement but also due to the increase stress of the drivetrain. If my laser grading project takes off I may kick down for a set. PS the guy with his hands in his pockets while everyone else is working used to work for me as well. In fact I still have the rest of his family employed.
  3. qps

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    Ride quality was as good as my cats, Todd claimed 5K lifting cap...does that sound right, he also had a 1 yard bucket on it..I want to say he paid 14-15K for the track system and claims its a breeze to change back and forth, but damn that thing is wide, had to buy another trailer just to haul it on...but you know those case guys, they all got a few marbles rolling around:laugh: ...want my opinion on the 445????
  4. qps

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    from Indy
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    Heres some pics of the finished project for those who care





  5. murray83

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    looks floor heating?
  6. DBL

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    come on out here and build me one of them
  7. Tigerotor77W

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    qps, I want your opinions on the 445!
  8. ksss

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    qps WAIT let me guess your opinion! "I finally understand what Kaiser has been talking about. The H pattern was hard to get used to, but the CASE machine is far more productive than my 257! Great control, good power a real animal. I can't wait to unload this CAT and step up to REAL performance!" Well how did I do?
  9. Squizzy246B

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    You touched on a really important issue here. Tim can't get his 257B load sensing valves setup properly thats why its a dog. (BTW our 301.8 is on ship headed somewhere...we have a newby). The other issue is why does the 257B have that little Perkapillar engine at 50 odd Hp when my 248B...with the same chassis has 80 odd you think maybe Cat was worried about the drivetrain with the 80Hp engine??????? Do ya think????. Did they really think 30 hp less would be made up with the tracks improved effort????. Its real tempting to put the VTS system on the 248B but I could be looking for trouble. Do ya think???

    Underpower on the 257 was the reason why we didn't buy one and the 267 was too big. Rather than do the cabin time warp (Case) into the dark ages I'll make our MTL purchase an ASV. I just haven't worked out how to fit an RC 30 and a SR 80 on our truck at the same time:confused:

    Tim...we never gave up on them with the 301.8 and it finally worked.
  10. qps

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    from Indy
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    It's been said before but the cab looks like something on a tinker toy, it wasn't uncomfortable to sit in but I was afraid I was gonna break something, the steel it was made out of...looked....well...alittle thin...I'm sure it wasn't...but it looked like it...the H o man....don't know if I could ever get the hang of wise...oh hell yeah...give me 80hp
    any day in that chassis size, I guess the 287B would be the close, but ya better lube up before you get that price....if you add in the cost of the aftermarket track system it costs about the same as a loaded 267B. I think after one mastered the controls it would be alot more productive, but more costly because during the "learning process" I'm sure I would knock over, crush or kill something:dizzy: where half right...see my post on the mini delivery....

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