"Case Type" controls for pt-30 anyone?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Stony Bob, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Stony Bob

    Stony Bob LawnSite Member
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    I noticed on page 8 of my operation manual that there is an optional "Case Type" control pattern available.
    I was wondering if any pt/rc 30 opertators are using this option?
    If so, how do you like it?
    Are different controllers needed or is this just reworked plumbing with exsisting controls?:confused:
  2. stuvecorp

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    Didn't ASV make a 'R' 50 version that had the Case style controls? I've never felt the urge to switch over our 30.
  3. Stony Bob

    Stony Bob LawnSite Member
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    Ok,Ok, so I have somewhat of an "Hidden" agenda with our controls......:laugh:

    Seems like the owner before me had these so called "case type" controls.
    I guess he wanted to keep them for his other machines and put the pilots back on................backwards.
    Yup, he put the loader control on the drive side and drive control on the loader side.
    Here I am trying to learn how to operate this machine and it's behaving like it's drunk.
    Bucket is not right and it's driving all wrong.
    Of course me being a first time owner of pilot controls just assumed "I" was the problem.
    Finally I had to check it out so I looked under the control boots and this is what I see. What a mess!!!
    I'm so @#%$ off right now I figure I better cool off till tomorrow to re-route all this nonsense.
    I'm really,really trying to love this machine...................the previous owner..........not so much!!!
    I'll be an expert on this machine before I can even squeeze 10 hrs. out of it.:dizzy:

    this one.jpg
  4. Stony Bob

    Stony Bob LawnSite Member
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    After looking at alot of the asv operator manuals it seems as though this option was available thru most of their line.
    Also seen some for sale on the net with this set-up
    I do not know if it can be done with the new "popeye" model though.
  5. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
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    I gotcha now, that would be awful. If you can figure it out otherwise maybe a dealer could get you fixed up?

    It's a great little machine but does have it's quirks, almost like Herbie the Love Bug.
  6. Stony Bob

    Stony Bob LawnSite Member
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    I re-worked the plumbing today to original and actually got 10 out of 12 connections first crack.
    Corrected the last 2 and "low and behold" I'am a Pilot.
    Here's a picture of whats underneath the controllers.
    You can see the difference between the directional and loader controls ......... they are "Not" interchangable!!!!!
    "Case Closed"

    Although if someone does have some knowledge or literature on this option maybe they would be kind enough to post it here for those interested.
    Just in case.:rolleyes:

    No control.jpg

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