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  1. kountryscape

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    Hey just saw an ad for a CASEIH DX series compact tractor, in a local farm paper. web site , so i looked it up . basically its a red new holland boomer. same tractor different color, what is this it's like gmc and chevy trucks.

    anyone ever seen one of these red boomers yet . what do you think.

    the outdoor contractor!
  2. Eric ELM

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    If a good design sells, competition has to follow. Sure does look the same.
  3. paul

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    New Holland and Case merged late last year, Case dumped their small machine design and just repainted/injection molded a new color on New Hollands Boomer series. Case is still making their quads under Steiger name New Holland hasn't gotten that one yet. One more thing you can't get super steer on a Case just yet.
  4. John DiMartino

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    The boomers are nice tractors,Id like a TC33 with a loader myself-but id settle for an old 1910 like the golf course has.Case having them is good for anyone who has one-more places to get parts-other than cosmetic parts-and who replaces them.

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