Cash paying clients are great until....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Sep 20, 2001.


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    Cash paying clients are great until they forget that they didn't pay you for the last mowing or two. This has happened on two different occasions. I take out my trusty index card that I keep on each client that shows when mowed and if paid. After assuring them they didn't pay they pay me and walk away pouting. The only two ideas I've come up with are have them initial after each cut on the index card or require checks. Any other suggestions????
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    send bills, charge tax, get paid, have records.

    somebody is of course gonna jump in here with the word "contracts"
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    i've got a customer who pays me cash, she insists i sign the invoice for her own peace of mind. this ensures there is no confusion, on either her or my part. but i prefer cheques (post dated for the season is preferable!)

    i get handed a lot of cheques, as do the guys. always a pain and i have lost a couple. i always tell people mail the cheques, and it says this right on the invoice, but some don't get it.

    some lco's give a discount for upfront payment. i offer it but haven't got any takers.

    another option is credit card, but i haven't looked at whats involved or what it costs me.
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    i have the same prob with cash customers disputing the fact that they have outstanding bills. THey claim things like, we gave you that $5 two months ago when you were here and then the rest last week, and ohh ya the check that i mailed in late to cover teh rest of your bill. -- Well i keep perfect records and send monthly statements etc. If there is a mistake i do everything possible to make sure its not mine.

    How do you prove they didnt pay you? What to do next when they refuse to pay?

    PS. I dont usualy accept cash payments for thisvery reason, but some people jsut wont pay unless i take it then.
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    I have a friend who still does all his business cash - he doesnt have contracts for his clients.

    He has a 3 part carbonless copy that lists his services, and on the bottom it has a space for a hashmark if they have paid. He checks off the services, tallies them up, and leaves two copies(white/pink) with them.

    If they pay him there on the spot, he puts a hashmark on their copy(pink) and takes two(white/yellow), if not they submit a yellow copy with their payment.

    I would strongly advise that you find a way to implement an "agreement" into your billing system, if not you could try as stated above.

    Good Luck!
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    If you are going to keep records, be it an index card or 3 part handwritten reciept you may as well take a check to eliminate any problems. Its all taxable anyways. Now, if you are going to work for cash and rely on everyone's word and memory...

    Biggest negative to working on a cash-only basis, wait til a client dies, goes to a rest home, etc and see if you get paid. Fat chance.
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    I may get hammered for this but... Should you even be admitting that you are taking cash for your services?
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    Its not illegal to work for cash. Its only illegal not to claim it - LOL!!! :laugh:

    Bill brings up some valid points about trying to collect from estates upon the untimely death of a client. I agree that receipts help, but if someone has not paid for your services by the second week dont be foolish like one LCO I spoke with who claimed that he had 3 accounts who have been up to six cuttings past due this season alone. He works on a cash basis and I cannot understand why if this is how you plan your business that you would take the chance of working for free after the second cutting???

    Doesnt make much sense to me to flaot clients for such lond and/or extended durations.


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    I'd like to see one of these cash and dash guys try and buy a house. The bank will just LOL.:p
  10. dan deutekom

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    Nothing wrong with working for cash.
    Just issue receipts, keep copies of receipts and claim it. If you do this, you are a business. If you don't do this you are a scrub.

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