Cash paying clients are great until....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Sep 20, 2001.

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    It's all about record keeping and it's why you have overhead when you think you don't.

    You otta keep records no matter how the customer pays. You should get paid for record keeping just like working in the field.

    The customer should have a canceled check, cash receipt, money order receipt or credit card slip for each bill you give them. If you say they didn't pay for a certain invoice, and they should be dated and serial numbered, and they can't provide proof of payment, tough. Burden of proof is on them.

    Didn't anyone ever ask you guys for proof of payment?
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    I might also add, that an invoice # on the check is many of times helpful. Situations can arise such as like one of my customers, pays for his lawn, and he pays for his father's but always wants seperate bills. Another customer owns a rental, same thing. This way I can tell what bill it is. Also, if you get a check from a customer a month late or so, it's easier to tell what bill they're paying. This way, one doesn't get overlapped and they say. "That was paid!"
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    Well i really hope that you are not talking to me about tax evasion. B/c i am legal in all respects. I accept cash as a payment method (sometimes) --> that payment still get recorded and taxes paid on the income.
  5. I don't care what you all say. I have a seprate co. on Quick books Pro I set up another LCO and record my CASH customers. This will keep track of them, and I record all transactions on it or CASH. YES you can put a lein on a proberty against a cash customer. I've had to do it. The only thing that does suck is if they die and the estate gets sold before you find this out. Which the way realestate is going these days, the prop. could be sold in less than a week and you can say bye bye to your money.

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    Monthly Billing!

    There are enough programs out there to make it easy for anyone to bill monthly (Quick Books, Peachtree, etc). And to top it off, there are preformatted invoices that work hand in hand with these programs. Some programs are as little as $70-$100 bucks. So why not? A little note at the bottom saying please submit a check or money order to the above address. And if some asks why, tell them it is to protect you (the consumer) as well as our company. If they do not have a checking account, a money order will work, if they say there is a fee to get a money order, refund the .80 cents to them. If you absolutely have to take cash, issue a receipt. If they say, "I paid you" say, "Show me the receipt". Simple.
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    Spoken like a TRUE gentleman!

    However, if they are not competent or for whatever reason not able to have the checking account, I would add up all those little 80 cent rebates and ADD them to their final clean-up statement!!!

    I am not in the position to float clients anything. My clients dont offer to pay us more for a service, and I am surely not about to "discount" my services for any one client above and beyond the quoted prices.

    Do I need the money that bad, Nooo. But why should one client receive preferencial treatment over another. Its the same thing as saying no to other clients who wish to have their postage rebated.

    Is there a difference between the principle of the money order and the postage??? I believe there is not. Either clients can afford our services, or they cannot. Its cut and dried, IMHO.

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    We do accept cash customers and we have lost some income because our customers died or went to nursing homes with alsmineers.---but I'm not sure we were the bigest loosers in these situtations.

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