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CAST Lighting: 3 Fixture Series to Fit Every Budget

Hello Friends of CAST Lighting,

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Brittany Blohm and I am the new Design & Communications Specialist at CAST Lighting. Being an intern under Steve Parrott, before his departure from the company has allowed me to get a decent handle on the industry and where CAST Lighting stands.
Second, I would like to introduce our 3 different landscape lighting fixture lines that allow for versatility in all types of lighting for outdoor landscapes.

1) The Impressionist Series- Remarkably durable, feature-rich fixtures that fully leverage integrated LED technology- exceptional light control for exceptional results.

2) The Classic Series- Solid bronze integrated and modular LED & incandescent fixtures that set the 'CAST Quality' Standard

3) The Craftsman Series- Rock-solid integrated LED fixtures that meet the need for 'CAST Quality' at a more affordable price.

Learn more about our fixture series! (Click Here)

Thanks for the continue support,
Brittany L. Blohm
Design & Communications Specialist
CAST Lighting