Cast lighting = Aquarius irrigation distributor-New Jersey

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by desert night light, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. desert night light

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    Someone told me today that they both are owned by the same person. If that's true then who is Frog lights-California landscape lighting? Everything is topsy turvy. I think the whole lighting business as we know it is coming to an end.
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    Cast and Aquarius are not owned by the same person, but are related as to father and son. Aquarius is an irrigation, lighting, drainage and pond supplier with 10 locations in NJ, PA, VA, MD & Delaware. They provide quality merchandise, expert advise and excellent training for the industry. Cast was developed by the son of the owner of Aquarius to meet the need of a quality landscape lighting system. It is distributed by Aquarius as well as multiple dealers across the country. Aquarius also sells Focus, Kichler, Hadco and Hanover lighting.

    Frog Lights is an independent importer of landscape lighting that is located in NJ. Noel is an excellent businessman bringing innovative and unusual products to the industry.

    Consolidation is just a part of corporate America, and not something to fear. Sometimes consolidation has a negative affect on products and companies, but just as often it has a positive affect, especially when it comes to distribution. It doesn't matter if you have the best product there is, if no one knows about it or can't get their hands on it. The internet and especially these forums has done so much for the sharing of knowledge and information in the green industry we sometimes forget that we live in a global economy.

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    Thanks for the kind words !
  4. poiuy qwerty

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    Aquarius & cast are both owner by the same 2 brothers. one brother owns 51% of cast and the other 51% of aquarius.
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    Was just there... Heard the same thing.
  6. jbailey52

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    Darklotus' reply must have been deleted by someone, I just got an email notification for this thread.. and it isnt on here.. anyway its not like its a big conspiracy or anything.. it even says it in a couple Cast brochures that they are founders of both company's

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