CAST transformer shortage?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by BrandonV, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. BrandonV

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    Guys, I ordered a 1500w master series CAST trans a while ago, I was suppoed to have it on or around OCT 28, just noticed it's NOV 13 now. Anyone else having problems?
  2. Classic Lighting

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    I haven't had any problems. I've purchased 5 in the last 2 months (300-1200) without any backlog. Could this be a distributor issue? Try contacting your regional rep.
    On a side note, I thought you were an Alliance fan?
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  3. steveparrott

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    We had some backorder issues with our transformers over the past several months (similar to some other manufacturers). The reason is because our supplier shifted operations and took some time to resume normal production. They are now producing at a rate that will satisfy the high demand for our transformers.

    Moving forward, we don't anticipate backorder issues.

    Also, for those who may have had issues with our soft-starts, these have been discontinued and replaced with more robust and long-lived components. Over the past several years we've made several ongoing changes to our transformers to make them more and more reliable.
  4. S&MLL

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    Good idea Steve. Take away the one thing that make your mdl different from others
  5. steveparrott

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    Actually, there are many features that are different:
    • Extra common tap to allow full utilization of transformers capacity.
    • Primary breaker to function as an on/off switch and to prevent primary overload
    • Use of tin-coated No-Ox wire for interior wiring
    • Over-sizing of internal wiring to allow full transformer capacity to be carried on any single voltage tap
    • Inclusion of PVC pipe and fitting to serve as wire conduit from transformer to ground
    • Inclusion of extra-heavy-duty power bypass relay
    • Inclusion of 20-page step-by-step installation manual (in English and Spanish)
  6. S&MLL

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    All things you list seem like great things for homeowners attempting landscape lighting.

    Why would we need a primary breaker. Isnt that why we do calculations? Isnt that why we use GFIS and the breaker in the panel.

    Over sized wire? A manu shouldnt brag about their trans being able to handle full load on 1 12v tap. That should be standard. And any Transformer that cant shouldnt be ul listed.

    Pvc pipe? Most of us have been doing that for years. Nice to include in the box to save the homeowner a trip to the store I guess. Most of us keep these items on the truck :rolleyes:

    20 page install sheet? Anyone that needs to read directions to install a Transformer with taps should NOT be installing it.

    Im not trying to start a fight but it seems CAST is going the route of homeowners and landscapers installing lighting. I mean I keep getting info about rutgers classes for $450.00. Who is it ran by? ..... You guys.

    Steve pm me if you dont want to talk about it on here. Just have some questions about Casts new sales pitch
  7. steveparrott

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    The CAST Lighting line has always been directed towards contractors. If you go through our website, you'll see numerous comments directed towards homeowners encouraging them to hire a professional. When homeowners contact us, we direct them to distributors for contractor referrals.

    The main reason we use a primary breaker is to prevent accidental overload when using an extra common. For example, our 900W Master Series has 4 commons each rated at 300W (25A). The primary breaker prevents the installer from exceeding the 900W max. The secondary reason is because it provides a convenient way to disconnect the transformer from primary power (same as unplugging the transformer). Simply switching off secondary breakers does not disconnect the timer and photocell circuit. If you are plugging and unplugging the timer and photocell, it's best to disconnect power to these outlets.

    There are many popular transformers on the market that can't handle the full load on each voltage tap - it's not a UL requirement.

    The PVC pipe is pre-cut and has nice hardware to secure it to the drop-down panel. Most contractors appreciate the inclusion of these items.

    Contractors have been very appreciative of this manual, especially when they're still learning. It also contains a number of forms (Preliminary System Requirements Worksheet, Transformer and Wire Sizing Worksheet, Field Voltage Adjustment Worksheet) that experienced installers use on every job. (Curious? Download the Transformer and System Installation Guide.)

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to promote this class. Dave Beausoleil, founder and president of CAST, has been offering this two-day seminar for the last 14 years. Everyone who attends loves it. Dave is a great and passionate speaker This seminar has been the spark that launched many into a career in landscape lighting. All proceeds go to the school and the class is approved by the NJ State Approving Agency for Veterens Training. (Click here for info and registration.)
  8. BrandonV

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    Transformer showed up yesterday btw. I really like yalls transformer, never had an issue with them and boy have I ever with some other brands.
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  9. steveparrott

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    Thanks, enjoy! :)

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