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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by accuratelawn, Jul 21, 2001.

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    Hey Exmark,
    I need to replace a caster on my Lazer. It is bent to to operator error....mine.
    Will I need any special tools?
    Do I need to replace?should I replace bearing etc. at this point?1450 hours
    How long a repair is this?
    Thanks in advance Jeff
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    The replacement will vary depending upon when your mower was built. Mid year in 1997 we switched from a ball bearing to a tapered roller bearing in the caster pivot assembly. The easiest way to determine which generation you have is by the chrome dust cap in the top of the caster pivot. If the cap is a round dome it has ball bearings. If the cap is flat on top then it would have the tapered roller bearings.

    For early 97 and prior year models you will need a “C” clip pliers to remove the retaining clips. For late 1997 models with tapered roller bearings no special tools are needed. In either case as long as you have the machine disassembled that far I would replace the bearings at that time. The bearings are rather inexpensive when you consider the associated downtime if they fail at a later date. If you have the tapered roller bearings in the caster pivot you will also want to adjust the caster pivot at that time as well. This is detailed in your manual but I will briefly describe it hear. The caster is held in place with a nyloc nut. The adjustment is as follows. Crank the nyloc nut completely down until it stops, then back the nut off ¼” turn. This will prevent the caster from wobbling at high speeds.

    You will want to properly adjust the front wheels as well if they have a tapered roller bearing as well. Simply spin the wheel by hand. If it “free wheels” more than 1-1.5 turns you need to tighten the wheel bolt. Again this is also detailed much better in your operators manual.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.


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    Thanks Terry

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