Caster Tire Problems


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I have an aggarvating problem with my Toro Pro-line walk behind. The front caster tires constantly are flat from me transporting the mower on the trailer and hitting bumps. The bead continues to break off the rim. They are not flat its just a pain in the a#@ to constantly have to fill them back up . Any suggestions on what to do besides spending $72.00 per tire to buy a commercial foam filled replacement? Thanks, ed<br>Bay Area Lawn Care


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You can foam fill those for 18.00 ea. You'll never mess with them again and they'll last as long as the bearing does.


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why not just buy the solid rubber ones....thats what i bought for my gravely 3 wheeler rider because they were coming off the rims at least once a week and it was driving me crazy. i wish i could pu the same on my ztr but the ride would be way to rough...they absorb alot of shock. i can use them on my 3 wheeler becaise the front castors dont support the mowers weight.

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