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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Zr2_thunder, May 2, 2005.

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    This is probably the wrong category to post this in but i cant think of a better bunch of guys to ask but this paticular category, I have a Jacobsen 36in Walk Behind Mower with a Proslide Sulky.. Problem im having is on slight inclines and at zero turn's the mower tends to "Wheelie" thus leaving un-cut grass, The machine is Very very light from the nose. Ive come to the conclusion that i need some from ballast on the machine's nose, where can i buy a weight set that attatch to the front casters? is there any online merchants that have a good deal on these? ive seen them before but i cannot remeber who made them. I want to use my dealer as last resort since he charges a pretty penny for the same items i could possibly get online for much cheaper. can anyone help? Ive searched this topic but no dice.


    Thanks and Advance!
  2. DennisF

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    You don't have to buy any product from a dealer to solve the problem.

    A simple solution is to buy some lead from from a local scrap yard and make up a set of weights that you can attach to front of the deck with bolts or straps. I would buy about 50 pounds of lead and make up some weights in different sizes so that you can experiment and adjust the amounts that you need.

    Lead is easy to work with, so you don't need to have any special tools to make up a set of different size weights.

    It shouldn't take much weight on the front edge of the deck to hold it down on hills and inclines. Even the steepest inclines should only need an extra 25-50 pounds of weight placed on the front edge of the deck to keep it from rising up.

    Experiment a little...use your imagination!
  3. jtkplc

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    I had the same problem when I got my 36" walk behind this season. What I did is went to my local steel shop that sells steel and bought a 30" steel bar that weighs about 13lbs and put it inside a tube of the frame. I will post a picture in a day or so of what I'm talking about. I don't know if there is a place on your walk behind to do something like that, but it only cost me $7.58. I doubt weight kits online are cheap. It's worked pretty good, I need to add a little more weight, maybe get close to 20lbs. before the deck won't pop up at all, but right now all I have to do is pull up on the controls a little bit to keep the front down.
  4. stumper1620

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    go to your local tire dealer and ask to get some old wheel balancing wieghts, melt them down ( lead has a low melting point) and make your own.
  5. EJK2352

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    Trimmer Trap makes a real nice weight set. You can check it out at The weight set is listed under accessories as a WS-1.
  6. captken

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    See if your manufacturer sells a kit. I have a Hustler Z and a Hustler 37" walk. Both have castor weights. The Z, because of the catcher, the walk because of the problem you encountered, in fact, Hustler recommends the weight kit for use with a sulky.
    The weight is placed directly above the front wheels, as far forward as it can be. Where it needs to be NOT the mower deck :dizzy: [where did that come from?] as someone suggested. I would prefer not to "rig sumptin up"
    It is easy to remove, something not discussed before in this thread, if you decide you want to operate the mower without the sulky attached.
    I use the caster weight kit on the Z when I need to tow something, like a trailer, keeps the front end down, and have used them to mow straight up hills. They seem to improve the stability when mowing [across slopes], as the rears tends to loose traction and drop first, maybe it makes the machine better balanced?
  7. DennisF

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    Sorry offense intended.

    He can place the weight anywhere on the front of the mower...deck, don't matter. As long as it's secure... it don't matter where it's at as long as it keeps the mower from going nose up. Different strokes for different folks...different weights for different.... It's all about leverage and where you apply it. It ain't Rocket Science. Necessity is the mother of has already been determined by someone smarter than grass cutters.
  8. Itsgottobegreen

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    Exmark has weights that go around the front support arms on their metro and viking mowers.
  9. TJLC

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    I have Proslides on both of my Exmark TTHP's and use the weight kits from Exmark and they work great. I don't know if they would work for your machine or not. Like it was said here also, any weight would probally work well too.Good luck.
  10. MOW ED

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    I use the lead weight on mine and I also had the caster tires filled with foam. Those tires weigh better than 10# a piece.
    The smaller decks will jump with or without a Proslide. Sometimes there is an adjustment for the hydro's to make them less jumpy thereby reducing the hop.

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