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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by lazer 46, May 18, 2004.

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    According to my owners manual the front caster wheels are not suppose to spin freely but have some drag to them . About every 12 hrs. or so when I change my blades I have the front of the Lazer elevated and the caster wheels have no drag to them but spin freely. I tighten them up according to the manual but when I change my blades again they are spinning freely. What is the problem? Why won't the adjustment hold?
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    Lazer 46,

    I guess the first thing to do would be to determine how old the unit is to see if it's still under warranty. If it is I'd take into the dealer and have it looked at. There are a number of possibilites such as a damaged bolt, damaged nyloc or damaged bearing/wheel/spacer etc.

    If you would like you can give me a call with you s/n and I'll look it up to verify the purchase date as well as look at the parts break down to determine if I can see any other possible causes for this.



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