Castor oil and moles. I gotta get the camera again!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jet boater, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Jet boater

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    I don't care what some say about Castor Oil not working with moles. IT WORKS!!

    Sprayed my lawn about a month ago with a Castor Oil solution. Had moles working in 3 - 4 areas. I got 2 acres and about 700-800 feet of it is against a medium wooded woods.

    Been going out and walking the edge the past week or so and have 6 - 7 places where it is VERY evident that the moles come out of the woods to the edge of my lawn, make a 90 degree turn and run parallel to it and head back into the woods!!! NO Moles are in my yard. I gotta borrow the digital camera again and get pixs of these. I was having success last year with it as well, but it's interesting this year seeing so many places where the moles refuse to get into the grass.

    Woo hooooo!!!!!

    PS - Now if I can just get rid of the crawdad/crawfish mounds/holes.
  2. Nathan

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    I am sure most of you on the east coast probably already know this one. I come from a coal miners family, so we always had carbide pellets for the old headlamps. If you take some of those and chuck em down the mole hole and pour some water on them they start gassing and don't stop. The gas fills all of the tunnels and kills the stupid moles. It works way better than those little stink bombs that they sell at the hardware store. The only problem is that it is hard to get carbide out here on the west coast.

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