Castoroil for moles??

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by PaulJ, Sep 20, 2003.

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    OK all, I will give you the Rachael Carson special mole repellent. Mr Jim AKA Groundskprs has stated above that if you check mole tunnels do not stay long the foot steps drive them away. Well search old post and you will find that I have stated many times before that tacky lawn windmills on a wire rod will vibrate and drive them away. No I have no university studies on this only my own experience and many wives tales.

    Northern tool sells the introductory Al Gore Electric vibrating mole repellent. They work on 2 D cell battery and should last about 6 months. I have never tried the Al Gore Model but think it will work more than 50% but the Bush's will still win here in Florida.
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    Hmmm, Deep South = Deep (something else)?

    Actually, I never saw any studies on vibration either, but I have seen the windmills work for some people. Years ago when I was starting out, got a client who had never taken care of lawn. She came into some money, and decided to start caring for it, and hired me to mow. She was worried about he moles she had always had, and I didn't know much about them then. I saw evidence of their activity before I started mowing, but never had one come back into her yard for the year and a half I mowed. Always wondered if the new vibration sound (to her mole) of mower made place unattractive to the moles.

    Why would windmills work so good in FL? Maybe FL moles are more high strung like the FL people.
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    Mr. Jim

    Florida is 1500 miles South of Indiana Could the Soil, Climate and Economy play a part in windmills working?? Could it be that the Florida Mole is Type A and prefers to eat sweet earth worms. Therefore has many more tunnels. Is it possible that the Type A mole has so many tunnels he needs plenty of help to run them. Could in fact the Type B mole of Indiana be a Slower mover that walks his tunnels slowly alone and therefore can be trapped. While the Florida Type A mole has so many tunnels it is harder to time the trapping. Could it be that the type A mole has so many tunnels that he is more willing to move on if the vibration of the windmills is not favorable. Could it be that the Type B Mole only forage as the University approved Studies have shown. While the type A Mole is likely to forage out side the box on occasion?

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