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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Z'mnypit, May 25, 2011.

  1. Z'mnypit

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    Just replaced the engine in my 257 a couple months ago. With all the rain lately Ive only got to use it a couple times. The past two times Ive used It I noticed after 10-15min of use the coolant indicator light is very dim but lit. After about 45min its gets brighter and after an hr of use the light is bright. The buzzer isnt going off but the light is there. I havent had a chance to check the engine temp with my laser thermometer yet (will do today) but it defiantly seems like its hot. The cooling fan is running so thats not the cause. Does sound like a water pump or thermostat issue?

    Also I notived the hose on that runs from the radiator to the water pump has a small drip where the hose meets the water pump. Looks like the hose is stretched a little at that point. Could this be causing the issue?
  2. AMCAT

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    did you check if the water level in the Rad above the engine is up to full ?
  3. Z'mnypit

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    Its full. Im thinking its a thermostat issue
  4. Ausman

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    I would ne looking at the temp light sender unit!!!

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