Cat 257b mtl durability???????????

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Planet Landscaping, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Planet Landscaping

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    How is everybody's cat/Asv trax and undercarrage holding up??????????? Would U buy again?????????/ Impressive machines for sure.:waving:
  2. Digdeep

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    I own an RC50 and the durability has been nothing short of great in my opinion. I used to sell Bobcat machines and I chose the ASV machine over the CAT because of the machine weight and weight distribution. I have over 1,000 hours on my machine and everything has held up extremely well from excavation to snow removal. IMO the ASV undercarriage is superior to Bobcat and the other rigid mounted undercarriages.
  3. vntgrcr

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    OK I will be the naysayer here. I had a 2003 257 that I bought in early 2005 with 475 hours on it. At about 750 hours I started to peel the drive lugs off one track. I was too busy to replace it and made it to about 900 before it became unusable. Spent the $2500 for a new track, put it on and about 40hours late the same thing started to happen again. CAT would have nothing to do with ANY kind of warranty. I worked a deal out with the salesman to just buy a new one. I loved the pilot controls. Long story short the salesman sucked, kept making promises that he didn't keep and I bought a Bobcat. They wanted the business, matched the trade in price and are eager to please, unlike CAT. I detest the local CAT dealer. They could care less about the small guy. But back to the subject, just be ready for some expensive repairs,dependent on how you use the machine. Some guys get lots of hours, maybe I was just unlucky, but be ready, if you keep the machine, be ready to spend some money. Be prepared for lot's of opinions on this subject.

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