Cat 289 D ?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Marek, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Clean the window or adjust the loader height..........duh.
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    We've picked up a couple new Cat 299D at work and now that some one has mentioned Cat and the D series I'll mention a few things about them, I don't want start any kind of bashing or brand fight. After running these skids for a while now I would say for money these Cat 299D's are the worst skid steers I've ever ran and I've been around heavy equipment and skid steers for 20 years.

    1. # 1 complaint- poor visibility out the back and sides
    2. U/C constantly feels likes it rocking back and forth
    3. Poor bucket and lift arm breakout force- have to back out of pile to curl or lift.
    4. Controls are very, very jerky not smooth at all.
    5. Bucket curl back angle seems very minim.
    6. Cab seems very tight
    7. Something about loading tri-axle either the height or reach, put seems to be real pain to load trucks
    8. This thing jugs fuel if your working it lucky to make 8hrs.
    9. It don't push that great about the same as any other skid in its class.

    I've ran this things for the past 3-4months on and off and everybody that runs them says the same thing. All three that I've run have been the same way, not just one bad lemon in the bunch.
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    1. install the optional side mirrors, problem solved.

    2. Of course it is, thats the whole idea of the torsion system.

    3. It's better than the C series was

    4. I suspect you might have the wrong setting on the AMICS for the type of work you are doing. You have to match the AMICS setting to your engine speed. For me the controls are buttery smooth and way better than the C series was.

    5. I agree with you on that one. My work around for that issue is to just raise the arms up a bit higher when transporting material.

    6. I'm 5'11 & 200 lbs. and I have no issues with the cab.

    7. I don't use it to load trucks so I can't comment on that.

    8. Not sure whats going on with that because I have documented on this forum that I get 12hr. per tank of fuel. Again, way better than the C series was.

    9. Agreed
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    The visibility out the rear of that machine cant be fixed with mirrors. Camera maybe, but not mirrors. It was poor on the C series, and the D made it even worse. It appears by the design of the cowling out the back that CAT gave up even trying to maintain some level of vision out the back. I guess they figure you will cover it with a camera.

    Fuel usage is very dependent on how hard your pushing the machine. Its very possible that the same machine could get 12 hours on a tank with a light duty cycle and less than 8 hours on a tank being push to the max. 109 hp or whatever they are rated at will drink fuel if you are working it.

    The real question is how much material does it move or work does it get done per gallon of fuel. If it indeed pushes about what everything else in its class does that might be problematic since its got a lot hp (cant remember the torque rating) and must approaching 100K. On the other hand if its productivity level is high things like fuel useage and purchase price are not as important. Its all relative.
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    Mirrors and cameras is not the answer IMO, I've never been able to use mirrors on equipment when working at fast speeds its like a blur which when working around labors, vehicles, buildings and etc I like to be able to see the real thing.

    These 299D are base models which are not equipped with AMICS. Running them Wide open with plenty of engine speed still jerky, I feel its in the E/H.

    I understand the U/C has the torsion system, but to me it affects the machine when grading which is our primary use.
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    I find the torsion system to he very stiff on our 289C2, and it was just down right sloppy on the previous 277C.
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  7. AWJ Services

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    My neighbors does not have amics and the controls are horrible. I agree the torsion suspension hinders grading.
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    Y'all are nuts, complaining about the torsion system hindering grading. Real operators don't complain, they adapt.
    I've owned 1 and ran 2 large frame units and never had any issues.
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    I think everyone knows I'm a fan of the torsion axle suspension so I find this a good discussion. To be clear, I don't think there is a wrong or right to this argument because everyone has a preference for what they like. However, I find it interesting that Bobcat, the clear market share leader in CTLs (followed by CAT) introduced a suspension (leaf spring) and has stated in multiple brochures and advertisements that it helps with finish grading.

    I have operated and almost all the CTLs on the market, and while I agree with the rear visibility complaints of the CAT machines (particularly the D series), I find it to be arguably the best cab in the market and IMO and those of a few others find these features make it extremely helpful to operators, or at the very least, at least give them the option to take advantage of features that others don't offer- Self leveling to actual ground level up and down regardless of machine incline, speed sensitive ride control, work tool positioner for setting the attachment back to the same position every time, joysticks attached to the air ride seat, pattern select and a foot throttle that acts as a decelerator too. This isn't saying that others don't offer good features too, but I can't think of any that offer all of these.
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    You forgot one bonus about Cat.

    They didn't sell out to the Koreans.
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