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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Qualey, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Qualey

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    Does anybody own one of these? I am thinking about purchasing one, but have yet to demo it. I really haven't been that impressed with my local CAT dealer (skidsteer issues), and am unsure about their pricing. They have a 2002 302.5 with 2000 hours that has a cab and long reach stick. They want $22,500. Seems like a lot of hours for a 1 year old machine. Do these suffer from the same turntable wear issues as the larger models or does their lower weight help out? I would like opinions on this as opposed to the Bobcats and Deeres. It will be used to dig graves and excavate for driveway, walls and patios. For what its worth, I am going this route instead of a backhoe attachment for our ASV.

  2. SWR11

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    CAT is the cat'***. One nice thing is that the machines value stays higher than others. Also by letting the dealer service it,
    it adds value upon resale. Then if you don't use the machine much, consider it a investment. The dealer are always very helpful. Sorry to hear about your problem. What was it?
  3. Qualey

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    Thanks for the reply

    My problem is with Southworth Milton. When shopping for a new skidsteer last year, we ended up leasing a 246 for the summer. I really never warmed up to the machine (nice cab but poor lift arms strength and too expensive in my opinion) and gave it back at terms end. I told them to order me an ASV 4810; big sale and it got them some exposure in the area. As you may know, Cat owns 20% of ASV and is currently running ASVs patented track system on their 247, 267 and 277. Cat flat out told me they could not order one and tried relentlessly to sell me a 277. I refused and called ASV direct to tell then how they were being represented. Needless to say, CAT promised me one the next day starting that it would be here in 14 days. 3 MONTHS later it shows up!

    I am happy with the machine, but not with Southworth's system. They are too big---parts hates sales who hates service and vice versa. Problem is, I have no choice. They own New England. Oh well, we do all repairs and buy parts and filters from an independant supplier. The Bobcat is appealling because of the small size mentality of the dealer and the significantly lower service rate.

    However, the CAT reputation speaks for itself, so I will just have to suck it up!

  4. coopers

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    Are you talking about this guy? See links....

    I just figured I'd share those really cool photos.... Although, this komatsu PC 40-7 looks really nice too. Has anyone ever used one of these?

  5. Rex Mann

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    I have a Takeuchi TB125 mini-X 2001 with less
    than 300 hours with a 18" bucket for $23,000.00
    Much more history in this type size machine than cat!


  6. ksss

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    I have demoed the smaller CATs and didn't like it as well as others. As someone said Takahuchi, makes a very nice machine. I tried a Takahuchi and really liked it. I have an IHI and it has proven to be bullet proof so far 1800 hours. As opposed to what others have said just because it has a CAT logo doesn't garrantee quality support or resale. If you want a 302.5 go to Iron Planet. I see them go through for thousands less then what CAT quoted you. I have not been impressed with the resale of CATs compact equipment.
  7. Alan

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    Interesting comment about Southworth Milton. The impression I got was that if you've got a fleet of equipment they will fall all over you. If you're making big talk about buying big machines they step on each other to get your attention. BUT, if you have one piece of equipment and need anything special in the parts line you're pretty much ignored.

    I'm working for the excavation division of a very successful home builder. We have a Cat 307 excavator, 450C Deere dozer and a Ford 555 (I think) TLB. We do primarily our own work with some stuff subbed out.

    I needed to replace the cutting edge on a Wain-Roy cleanout bucket on the Cat. All I wanted was a generic edge somewhere in the 60" range. Something I could weld in place, then heat and bend the leftover up to give me some good horns on the sides of the bucket.

    Called Southworth, absolutely no way they could come up with anything without the "number" of the bucket. I looked, no number anywhere. I stopped by the place, parts guy couldn't do anything without that number, but their "field man" could go look at it and figure out what was needed. Two calls later,, I finally talk to him but he's going on vacation. Will "get right on it" when he gets back in 10 days. I call in two weeks,, he's still on vacation but has it on his list for when he returns. Never did get any results from them. I went to the Case dealer just down the road. The parts guy walked out behind the building with me, to where they have a rack of edges. Found one that would work, paid for it and in less than 20 minutes I was out the door with what I needed. At some point I'll get my chance to explain to a Cat salesman why I will NOT recommend any Cat purchases to management.
  8. Krois Landscaping

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    My friend has a Komatsu 40 mini excavator with a cab (10k lb class). He let me run it a few times when he took a break. The Komatsu seemed to have plenty of power for ripping down an old garage,and also tearing down a cemented cinder block wall without trouble.

    There's other brands out there in the mini excavator market besides cat. Komatsu, Takeuchi, New Holland, John Deere, Hitachi, Bobcat, Thomas are some makers just to name a few.

    If the Cat dealer hasn't been up to par with you, look at some of the other brands out there.


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