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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Boycea, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Boycea

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    I have the chance to purchase a Cat 420 DIT backhoe from a friend of mine. He has been doing the rent to own option from Cat and has quite a bit of money tied up into it ($2800/ mo payment). He is going to just turn it back into the dealer unless he finds someone to pay it off for what he owes which is $52,000. It is a 2004 Cat 420 DIT 4x4 extendahoe backhoe with the quick connect, regular rear bucket, and a rear grading bucket. It has 1,600 hrs on it. I'm just wondering what you guys think about this price and machine. It is a little more than I want to spend, but I can probably swing it. In comparison I was looking at a 2001 420 DIT 4x4 extendahoe with 4,000 hours on it for $39,500. I feel like I know what the right answer is but was just looking for some other input. Also, what are you guys getting for an hourly rate on a backhoe, operator, and a laborer. I have been charging around $125.00 but wanted to see what you guys were getting. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Dirty Water

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    Sounds like your Friend when the same route as Scag did. Greedy Dealerships....

    How much is a new one? Seems to me that $52k seems steep when you already have 1600 hours on it, but what do I know.
  3. murray83

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    $125/hr for a backhoe?,lol good luck.
  4. bobcat9957

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    I wouldn't say its a great deal on the machine. I know around here things are pretty slow and I already know of a few guys who have lost machines they couldnt afford. You can probably get a better deal on something like that. Also, when we do work by the hour, which is hardly ever, we get $75 for the machine and operator and $50 for a laborer so you are about in line there. I look at it like you are making $25 for the machine so we do not take hourly jobs unless we just need to keep the machine busy.
  5. murray83

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    when i do backhoe work myself, i charge a flat rate rather i'm running the machine or doing labor work,i don't bother bringing in extra labourer,i'd rather pocket his money myself plus no paper work to follow him.

    i get around $45/hr for an older jcb 1400 a friend owns.
  6. grassmanvt

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    My opinion, its not a steal, but its reasonable, and it sounds like you know the guy whos been running it, (hopefullly thats a good thing). 1600 hours wouldn't worry me in the least, and you've got a couple buckets and quick tach on both ends. Hopefully he's got forks too, very handy. If it were me, I would be seriously considering it.
  7. ksss

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    The IT machines are not that popular out here. Most CAT backhoe guys are not that comfortable with the mechanism and the reduced breakout. I can't speak from experience. It would seem to me that if you can make use of the linkage it would be worth it as there are not a lot of those machines around. However if you are not going to be changing attachments it may not be that great of a deal. You would most likely be better off with a conventional backhoe.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    To make a backhoe work to its best you have to be a good operator if you are not a operator with many years of experience you will have some troubles.

    The best hoe is a Case its number 1 choice for contractors out here I forget what a new 590 4x4 costs but its a good chunk of money.

    A rubber tired backhoe and a good operator can get 120 dollars per hour they can get allot of work done if you can run the machine properly.

    I think your friend got caught up in Cats B.S with their easy payment plans now he is in deep doo.

    Personally I wouldn't get involved not worth it.
  9. jazak

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    Well its a MUCH better deal then the 01 & you're getting it at like 1/2 price. If you already have a customer base, truck to pull it, & work coming in and lined up I would go for it.
  10. Scag48

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    Eh, we could have made things work out for ourselves, but it would have been a real challenge and I would have had to drop out of college. I'm up for the challenge, but wasn't ready to quit school.

    All things aside, your buddy's machine is just moderately priced, about what it's worth. With that said, it's a much better deal than an 01 with 4,000 hours for only $13K less, that's for damn sure. You're only shootin pennies at some point, high end that machine is worth $56K, low end $48K, so you're about right in the middle with $52K at the asking price. Tell him $48K, see how bad he wants to sell it.

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