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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by francois, Feb 1, 2005.

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    I'm looking to buy a d3 bulldozer. Since it's for occasional use, I can't buy a new one. I saw 2 1987 d3 for sale (lgp model)

    The one that look best is the 15 000 hour one. The dealer just put 10 000$ in it (this include a new traction). 15000 hour seem pretty high to me, but for a 18 years old tractor that seem about right ( 830 hour/year)

    The other is a 5000 hours specimen . The traction is near the end of his useful life, need a new paint. 5000 hours seem low for a 18 years old machine (275 hours a year)

    Just going out of a fraudulent f350 transaction, 312000 km instead of the 138000km indicated, I wonder if the same thing happen for dozers.

    Of course, before buying anything, I will have it inspected by a cat mechanic.

    So my question is: can the 15000 hour one, if in good condition and and well maintained, can last many more thousands hours? And what is the maximum time dozer any one saw?


    Francois in Quebec
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    Maybe yes, maybe no. 15,000 hours is alot for a piece of equipment, no matter what kind of piece it is. Some loggers run log loaders up to 30,000 hours before they sell them, but at the same time they could put over 5 thousand hours on those pieces a year, so they're relatively new.

    If I had a choice I would get the dozer with 5,000 hours and replace the traction system. In the long run, that 15,000 hour machine could cost you more $$$ than you bargained for. Oh, and fradulent hours aren't very frequent on construction equipment like they are with vehicles.
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    Some model years of the Cat D3 from the 80's, were possibly some of the worst, most trouble prone machines Cat ever has built. I can not remember what years were the bad ones, but 1987 is in the ballpark.
    I had several of the D3's in operations that I was responsible for, and they were always broken down. Not your typical well built Cat. Seems like the D3 might have been built by Misubishi at one time and rebadged as Cat under some joint marketing contract. I would be careful about buying one. I wish I could remember exactly which years were the lemons.
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    Mitsubishi still builds the dozers with CAT. If the machine checked out and the price was right maybe it would an OK deal. Remember there are plenty of repair items on a dozer, especially a high houred machine and they are expensive to work on. On such a small machine maybe a tracked skid steer would accomplish the same thing with more versatility.

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