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    I had a 257B cat MTL what a underpowered piece of sh1t. My a/c broke at 10 hours and again at 320 when I traded the thing in. My right side drive controls also malfunctioned at 200 some hours completely shutting down. CAT didn't want to warranty the problem and it cost me almost $600.00 to fix. When pushing into a pile the machine almost stalled out every time. One nice thing it had a cup holder.:walking:

    I have a T190 k series with almost 800 hours now with NO issues to speak of as of yet. Suck on that CAT
  2. BIGBEN2004

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    More machine bashing, when does it ever stop. Well glad to see you are happy now. I must say I am surprised to see that the T190 seems more powerful for you. I have ran my buddies Cat 257 allot and I have ran rentals and friends T190's allot and at least in my opinion the Cat out powered the BC every time. All the T190's I ran had very little power and would vibrate the heck out of my arms from the Hydraulic surging vibrations. I was not pleased with them. Also just for the record I don't really like my buddies 257 either but I feel it out performed and was more comfortable then the T190.
  3. mrsops

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    t190 puts the 257 to shame.. my t190 has plenty of power if you take care of it the right way it wont be a pos.. like i said 4 5 diff contractors out here all got the hell out of the 257 and right into a t190 and they couldn't be happier
  4. CarterKraft

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    What is sad is a bad dealership experiance can ruin the rep of a product.

    200 hrs should have been under some warranty?
  5. qps

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    another troll:rolleyes:
  6. qps

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    I'll agree my 257B was not a good machine...but what good comes out of the few of you that constantly bad mouth all guess is to invoke a reaction or to stir the pot...why don't you guys try making a logical statement without all the's shows a lot of immaturity to constantly make negative statements...just a thought...
  7. Scag48

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    Hilarious. You have nothing better to do than start a thread about how one Cat machine, the 257 which was a steaming pile, speaks for the entire Cat lineup?
  8. ksss

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    I was with the guy right up until I read the part about the T190. I call anyones judgement into question, that thinks the T-190 is a powerful machine.:hammerhead:
  9. mrsops

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    ksss let me ask you a question do you know to run bobcat hand and foot controls? or you just know how to use the joysticks? i think that may be the problem some of you guys maybe are going into the bobcat joysticks and getting that delay.. im telling you bobcat hand and foot controls are great my t190 has plenty of power
  10. KPS

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    Well you had good luck with your T190, not the same story for us. It was in the shop every 20 hours. We just picked up a new 257b2 because we felt bobcat was sitting and doing nothing with their current 8 year old design on track machines. However our T190 is still a very capable loader and we still use it regularily. If you cared to read very many threads on here you would have noticed that there is a lot of brand bashing that goes on in this forum. Just cause you had bad luck with a machine does not mean that an entire brand is garbage, you do nothing but look like a complete moron when you put up a stupid post bashing a machine that others may like. If you have absolutely nothing constructive to say don't even waste our time with a lousy CAT bashing thread.:realmad:

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