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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ma5tr, Jan 23, 2008.

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    hello all,

    I had a pretty good deal come up for a set of skid steer tires/rims and just wanted to know if they will fit my Caterpillar 232b. Thanks in are thge specs:

    Rough Terrain TiresCAT brand tires following are the specifications:
    Tire size LSW 305-546 NHS
    Tire ply rating 10
    Tire diameter 33 in 83.8 cm
    Tire width 12 in 30 cm
    Wheel diameter 21.5 in 55 cm
    Wheel width 10 in 25.4 cm
    Weight 257 lbs (+/- 10 lbs) 116.6 kg (+/- 4.5 kg)

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    They should fit, but be ready for a little rougher ride with those low sidewalls. The tires have very little flex, they aid in keeping the machine from bouncing around due to smaller quantities of air space compared to traditional sidewalls, but even at low speeds you're going to feel the bumps. It's a bit of a trade off, more stability, less bucking, but you'll feel every little bump. I'm not too keen on the narrow width of the tires, but to each his own.

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