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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by BrandonV, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Just curious, but do you really need a telehandler? The only advantage to these machines vs. anything else with forks is that you can lift super high. If you're not placing pallets of material 10'+, anything with forks should suit a nursery application at a much lower cost. I think even these small TH's are $60K+

    I haven't run a Cat telehandler, but Gehl makes a good machine too if you're really set on getting a telehandler.
  3. AWJ Services

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    The good thing about the tele handlers is loading trucks with trees,sod,rocks,etc.It makes them very easy too place.
  4. bobcat_ron

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    I still like that John Deere version of the telehandler better.
  5. BrandonV

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    we have a bobcat 2410 and several john deere ag tractors, but we dig alot of 50" trees and some of our fields arn't friendly to the articulated loaders because of the mud... they slide around. we love our bobcat toolcat but the 50" are just too heavy for it, the 2410 is too slow (no more high gear) to run around the farm... 500 acres total. john deere is not an option because of a previous incident where 1) we asked to demo a tractor and they offered the parking lot, and 2) they recently broke our main ag tractor and then denied, and wanted to bill an additional 2k for that repair, it has not been fixed so it's no longer 4x4. gehl I don't think has a dealer around here and Cat and bobcat both have been great in way of having parts/repair service... bobcat however I've had terrible luck w/ the slew of sensors with both my newer bobcats, my toolcat is in there right now because the fron't axle isn't talking to the rear... again. though I'm open to looking at the versahandler too, but I have never seen one around here so there must be a reason. I also like the idea of a tele because I'd like it for landscape jobs one occasion, 4k lbs would be nice and also when pruning a man basket at 18' would be a efficient way to do things in both the nursery and on landscapes
  6. BrandonV

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    also I've always wanted a rack system in my main building, to stack fert, concrete and what ever. but I don't have a fork lift. also going to (if I buy) get a huge bulk mat bucket for mulch loading.
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    Gotcha. Maybe a tele would be the way to go if you would like a rack system. Makes sense if you need a forklift type of machine that CAN do other things, this machine does a few tasks fairly well. Loaders and such are capable of decent lift height, but if you're going with a rack system, a forklift designed machine would be the better choice. Plus, like you say, you can lift quite a bit with a light material bucket like a loader could and I could understand being able to put a basket on the machine to trim trees.
  8. kreft

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    I ran a cat telehandler and gotta say its very user friendly. I used it to move pavers and such on my dads job and it was easy to manuver, to control, etc. It was pretty much a joy to operate. It does tear up turf though, but every machine does that.
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    We have one on the farm first year model and it is a piece of Sh1T. It was poorly designed and has had many failures and breakdowns. It looks nice but isn't very good. Cat looks allot better. Also John Deere just DISCONTINUED the telehandler from their line up of machines.
  10. meets1

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    When money is not an object - that is my next purchase. Don't use it alot but I love running the things. Lifting up, out reaching, backfilling, and used machines are pretty reasonable. Ran Gehl, JCB, Cat, gradall, new holland.

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