Cat259D/289D vs Bobcat T590/T650

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ShadowCat, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. bobcat_ron

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    Getting back to the dozer blade, don't waste the money, skid steers have too much weight on the back, dozers have the weight on the front. I pushed out 180 tons of 3/4 clear gravel this morning using only the bucket and pushed it 100 feet on a pile, a blade would have taken all day, and I was done in 2 hours.
  2. mrsops

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    I own both a t590 and a t650 im happy with both. The t590 is actually quite impressive i think. CAT also makes a good machine. They both have there good and bad points. Just demo both and you will see what works best for you.
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  3. 2004F550

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    We bought one of the first 259D our dealer got this winter and haven't ha any complaints as of yet, great little powerhouse. Our go to rental was usually a 289 from the same dealer but recently we've been doing numerous large homes with full basements and no walkouts making the 259 the only choice so we can lift it into the foundation to the grade the slab. The only complaint I have is the camera doesn't seem as sharp as it should an I don't trust it like the cameras on our Cat wheel loaders, not the same quality. We also have the extra counterweight on the rear which is helpful and the power quick coupler. I feel like the controls are much more responsive then those of the newer bobcats I ran lately.
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  4. Nelson M Martin

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    You better checkout the width of t650 on specifications are listed at 72.9" for width
    The T770 is only 78" wide with the wide tracks
  5. ShadowCat

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    Thanks Ron, that is good to know. Maybe I will refocus on getting a bushhog instead of the dozer blade and use the bucket as you note.
  6. ShadowCat

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    I believe the T770 comes standard with wide tracks. The T650 has to add 10" if the wide tracks are put on, putting it at 83 inches which leave me less than an inch wiggle room as a result.
  7. ShadowCat

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    I was impressed with the T590 as well. I demo the Cats Friday so it will be interesting!
  8. ShadowCat

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    You are the perfect person to ask... since you drove both the 289D as a rental and the 259D as noted above, does the 289D have a lot more umph even though they are rated same HP? I know a lot depends on hydraulics, but just curious if you felt a difference in power between the two.
  9. treemover

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    Well the one I demoed could not operate 45" Dutchman tree spade (3900lbs). It would lift up but the ass would come up and it would curl the tree spade. There may be a reason they started on a lifting dock and not from the ground
  10. anthonyp

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    You had better be very aware of how the dealer responds to you after the sale….Either machine would be good , with a good dealer, one that treats you as you would want to be treated…I have had poor results with my Bobcat dealer, but excellent treatment from Kubota…Guess you can figure out where I will be buying my next piece from…..Tony

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