Cat259D/289D vs Bobcat T590/T650

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ShadowCat, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. ShadowCat

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    Thanks for the insight Junior. I do need to temp the "want" vs the "need". I am considering putting off a few attachment purchases so I can upgrade the machine itself to high flow for instance. I would hate to go six months down the road and realize I am missing out on big land clearing jobs because I dont have the right flow for certain attachments.
  2. Steiner

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    Ok. Big question. How many of these jobs have you done so far? What is you experience like?

    I'm wondering if you going to buy a 70,000 dollar machine on faith?
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  3. ccstrebe

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    I bought the dozer blade with the angle feature thinking it would knock off the high spots and fill in the low spots for doing finish work. For the type of dirt in our area it didn't work. Our soil was too hard packed, it would just float over the material instead of cutting into it and then when it would cut into it, it would catch the edge and pull the blade deeper.

    An other problem with the angled dozer blade is that the cutting edge is 3 ft. from the quick attach, so there is a lot of leverage going on that crates a lot of issues like if you tilt up the quick attach 1/2" the cutting edge of the blade is moving up 4". It was a huge pita.

    So then I ordered the front wheel attachment to try to alleviate that problem but it didn't help.

    I wound up selling the whole thing, basically brand new, on Ebay for a big loss.

    Back dragging the bucket will get the most work done in the least amount of time, especially if the bucket has a replaceable edge on it.

    About the only thing I see a dozer blade being any good at is pushing lose material but a bucket can do that.
  4. ShadowCat

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    Well it is a dual nature issue. I can use the machine easily within the hauling part of my business picking up demo'd sheds, porches, buildings, etc. So it is useful as it for that. However, I would rather be doing land clearing and road grading, driveway building, etc. So the goal would be to transition towards what I want to do all the while making money in the hauling portion of the business in the mean time.
  5. ShadowCat

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    from Florida
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    great info. I think I will shelve the dozer blade and allocate that portion of my purchase funds to upgrading to High Flow.

    Thanks, that clarifies that a lot for me in regards to the need, or lack of need, for the dozer blade. I can always pick a used one up later if the soil conditions lend itself to it over the bucket.
  6. Nelson M Martin

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    i will agree with the others that a dozer blade on a track machine are not very useful
    But i find the grader in the following picture very capable of holding the right grade with a track machine


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    My dad's side of the family are from Wisconsin.
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    would be interested in what you are getting for numbers. I am looking at the cat259 as well and just was given some quotes. Good commo from the cat rep but not from the other dealers. Demo coming up as well

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