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  1. silverscapes

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    any ideas to kill cattails in a storm water pond :usflag:
  2. MStine315

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    Rodeo is aquatic labeled glyphosate which has worked well for me. Be sure your license covers you for aquatics in your state. I have also had decent results in cutting the cattails during times of "low tide" and letting rains flood the stems which will also kill them.
  3. Grandview

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    Rodeo works well. I need an aquatics license to apply it.
  4. RigglePLC

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    Simple. Wait till water freezes and mow. LOL
  5. Ric

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    Cattails can be suppressed but are very hard to control. They are like Arnold and keep saying "I will be Back".

    Rodeo is best applied with a Aquatic surfactant like DLZ (Droplet Landing zone) which cost more than the Rodeo. Weedar 64 is a Aquatic labeled 2,4-D that can be mixed with the Rodeo to gain better suppression. Diquat can also be used on both Cattails and submerged weeds to keep suppressing them. Diquat is good for Floating weeds as well.

    BUT Check your state laws as to the License you need. The Fla Dept of Ag doesn't require a aquatic certification to apply chemicals to ponds. However the Dept of Environmental protection does require both a Aquatic certification and a permit on most ponds and lakes. These permits are given on each body of water to be treated.

    For small ponds, on line pond supplier may be right for you. But if you treat many ponds then suppliers like Helena Chemical is the place to go.
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  7. teeca

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    if you have a local dealer that sells PBI gordon products (trimec) then you can get there version of rodeo but at 41% insted of the 53% in rodeo. plus this alredy has a surfactant, it's labled for aquatic sites, and cheaper. it's less expensive
  8. teeca

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    also i wish i had my camera with me last week. i sprayed a pond that is 80% covered with cattails 8-12' tall, i am going to make 2 more sprays this summer to finish the job (you can only treat a part at a time, or you can loose fish). i'll try to get overthere and take a picture of what it looks like now, with just a single spray. i used the PBI gordons and spiked it with alittle more surfactant do to the size and consentration of the plants. it was sprayed at 1.5%
  9. Ric

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    Good Luck on the 1.5% AI. I use 4% AI for cattails and still have a hard time suppressing them.

    Maybe it should be explained WHY you are not killing all the Weeds at the same time. Pretty simple the weeds will decompose and use up the Oxygen in the water and suffocate the fish. Good pond Management should also include removal of the dead weeds in a New pond never treated before. A pole type Hedge trimmer can be used under water to clip the weeds. These weeds should be removed from the pond.
  10. teeca

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    sorry ric, i didn't want to to far into the discussion of fish killing. the label says 1.0% for high volume spraying, i spray out of a 200gal tank at 200psi at 7gpm.

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