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Yardley, PA.
I had meant like a mail order catalog, where I would just call and place my order direct.

But if that's not an option, I would still like to get a catalog of your products from a local dealer.

I'm in Yardley, PA 19067.


Oregon Tech

LawnSite Member
Sorry for the slow response. We have had some internet troubles this last few days. We do not sell directly to comsumers. All of our sales are done through a distributor network. If you will contact Three River Engine Distributors at 412-321-4111 they should be able to help you out. They should be able to provide you with a catalog and a local contact for a dealer. Thanks for the inquiry.


LawnSite Senior Member
How about a dealer near Rockingham, NC?
I think I probably speak for most on this forum, if not just tell me to shut up, Ok guys?
But we would prefer to be able to buy dirrectly from you. After all if most dealers are like the ones around here, they are small and dont carry a lot of products. And if you want something they dont have then they charge extra to order it.

Oregon Tech

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Sorry but we do not sell direct to any consumers or dealers. We sell only to our distributors. Many of our distributors sell directly to consumers and commercial cutters. I am surprised to hear that a dealer would charge extra to get you something.

Smith Engines in Charlotte, NC should be able to help you out. Their number is 704-392-3100.

There are also a few websites out there that carry our product line.


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What websites carry your line? And do you have a blade that fits a 2001 52" Hustler Z?


Oregon Tech

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I don't have a good list of Web sites that carry our line to give you. I can tell you that we do carry blades for the 52" Super Z and Mini Z. The numbers are 90-206 for the Mini, 90-207 for the Super. The Gator blade numbers are the 90-702 for the standard and 90-404 for the Gator Magnum.


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Need a distributor in Wakefield, NH.

Zip code 03072 if that helps.