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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by carlriv, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. carlriv

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    I am preparing a bid and they want 30 catch basins cleaned. I called around to get a ballpark price... but no return calls. Is there such thing as an average per basin? .. or.. How much do you pay to get catch basins cleaned?
    How often do they really need it.

    Thanks Carl
  2. How long will it take you to clean 1 times how many there are. Then you have a price.

    I have a fealing you are talking about storm sewer openings right?
  3. paul

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    Are they asking you to go down in to a catch basin to clean it out?

    #1 Don't do it alone.
    #2 take a training course in confined space entry
    #3 When you figure out #'s 1&2 you'll have them call a service to do it!
  4. carlriv

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    from Mass
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    Yes I believe catch basins could be called "storm sewer openings"

    I do not want to "climb down" and I do know how to multiply my hourly rate by estimated hours.


    There are contractors with trucks specifically designed to do this!!! You know like hiring a sweeper truck if you need to sweep an eight acre parking lot.

    Please has anyone hired someone to do this, and if so what did they charge?
    Thank you, Carl
  5. Stephen

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    we sweep parking lots and our machine has a vacuum attatchment for cleaning out catchbasins, car wash cleanouts, etc.

    around here we dcn't have storm sewer openings. Catch basins are a drain installed for water runoff. They have a metal grate on the top.

    Price wise, I don't really know what to tell you because we have not cleaned any out. The company I bought my sweeper from did a few and it was a few years ago, so he didn't remember what he charged.

    Not much help for you, but try a local sweeping company.
  6. OK you need a sewer rodder.

    Yellow pages.

    Call a few, hire one, add 10%, let him do it, and you're done.
  7. mdb landscaping

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    you need a vac truck. around here most of them are owned by enviornmental contractors. my father owns a car wash and we have to have the drain sucked every few months and its not cheap. usually $200 or $300. i would sub contract it out, but if you go with the vac truck it wont be too cheap.
  8. LawnLad

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    If you're talking about catch basis - parking lot type, concrete box with metal grate (or even smaller round red clay catch basins) - I'm assuming if you're doing it by hand, you'll use a catch basin scoop - like a giant laddle. We do this for our residential customers. We try and clean them out once a year with their spring clean ups. So it's a part of the hourly clean up.

    A friend is a plumber, they called out for this stuff on occasion. They charge T & M. I'd figure your time into the job and give a price this way. Some may be full, others not that bad - won't know until you're into it.

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