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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Budget, Feb 22, 2007.

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    I going to bid on a property with a catch basin, The owner said some times when we have rain it will hold some water for awhile. Hills around it are not to steep at all and it is a good size basin ( 90' x 50'). I just want to bid this right and never had to cut a basin before.

    What are some of your expireinces with Catch basin cutting.

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    I currently cut a property that has about a 6 acre catch basin which leads to a retention pond. Be prepared to not be able to cut it for weeks if you get hard rain. There are times that after an inch or two of rain it stays very wet very 7-10 after (have gotten stuck numerous times) This may not be the case for you but make sure you let the owner know that you will only cut it when you feel you will not get stuck. I am contracted to cut my area 13 times per year. Last year I was able to get in only 7 times. But last year was a very wet year.

    Also areas like this tend to wash out and can be very bumby to cut which means you can't cut as fast.

    Good luck!
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    you got that right, i brush mow some basins, one is almost completely sand, and there are tons of wash outs, very dangerous when you can't see them through grown vegetaion.

    bid high, they can be difficult with rain, and wash outs. one particular one i have has all kinds of wildlife, snakes, turtles, and sometimes ducks. doesn't change my price, but makes it interesting.

    good luck with it!
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    Don't have that many diffenert animals where I cut but have hit plenty of frogs and moles.:cry:

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