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    I purchased a fastrack 19/48 about 9 weeks ago, also at the same time I paid for the catcher, which they rang up the australian distributor and were told it would be about 2 weeks,which was ok with me. 9 weeks later still no catcher, the shop where I bought it get a different story each time they call the distributor. I have lost only one customer so far worth $3800 a year to me, if I had known there was a problem I would have purchased something else. I do love the mower best on the market out here. Is there a problem with the supply of the catcher. If they don't supply catcher soon the shop where I bought it told me they will refund my entire money.
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    If you can e-mail me your information and dealer information I can forward it to our Export Manager and he can contact our representatives in your region and have them look into it for you.
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    Here is the Australian Importer/Distributors website! There in Brisbane. I see your on the Sunny Coast. (Im on the Goldy!)

    Give them a call and find out for yourself!

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