Catching grass clipping with ZTR when overseeding

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by 87SS, Aug 9, 2012.

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    I have been overseeding my lawn for the past 8 years or so and have had a Craftsman LT. I cut real short and bag it. Fast forward to this year and I purchased a Hustler Fastrak 54" ZTR (best move I have made it a while). I do not have the larger bagger option for this due to the cost as I love the way the grass has looked all year with the side discharge.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what they do when they need to cut extra short prior to overseeding? I thought about getting a power chute or something similar and just make sure I go over the property slowly to really mulch it up, but I have a feeling that is going to make a real mess when cutting at 1.5-2". I thought about getting a lawn sweeper, but not sure how well that will collect the grass clippings.

    Any other suggestions?

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