Caused $600 in damage to my mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DoubleCutter, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. DoubleCutter

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    Messages: 58 dont it. Yesterday I was mowing and my right side hydro control was getting sloppy. I figure oh SOB my pump is going.....I said screw it let it blow up. Well the next lawn My right tire starts feeling sloppy. I hop off, look and see that the shaft nut(cotter pin nut) was loose. Im like crap I only got 2 lawns to go Ill tighten it up when I get home. But in the back of my mind, I knew their wasnt something right, I just knew it "how could that nut get loose????" So I get home its too dark to attemt anything, and well the 30 pack was calling my name.
    I check it out this am undo the tire and start inspecting. Well well well, whats wasnt right was how could that nut come loose and the cotter pin still be fine(figures). Theirs a keyway for the hub assembly(with lug studs) and the drive axle......long story short..key ways trashed, hubs trashed, shaft is trashed. Fin pissed. So guess what I did....I welded the hub right to the shaft and said F you, you SOB Im mowing today.
    Im gonna pick up a new wheel motor and hub, and just replace it when it breaks. I think the key was busted for a little while, and what sent it over the edge was me clobbering a well top full speed in reverse on wednesday. I think im due for a new machine, I cant take the stress of losing my rider

    Moral of the story...when you clobbering something bad...check everything before you do even more damage.
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    Hey, that's exactly what she said!

    No really, I hit a man hole cover one day and thought I had really ripped something apart. Just bent the deck on the Chopper a little and been running ever since

    Clobberin' can be a good thing or a bad thing.........guess it depends on what your clobberin'!:)
  3. proenterprises

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    sorry to hear it man

    what machine, the tt or the wb
  4. DoubleCutter

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    Turf Tiger. Man if it wasnt for little issues that turned into big things I wouldnt have dropped a dime in her yet. I went to a Scag place for a hydro belt in the beginning of this year...I put the belt on an man its wicked tight, but I got it on. I call up dealer ask if its ok to run a belt this tight I say it wont damage my pumps, Oh no dont worry about it, it will be fine...Well two months later Im replacing both hydro pumps because the shafts got destroyed and were so sloppy that pumps spewed fluid out the shaft....760 bucks, the this 550-600? Thats a lot of chang, And my engines getting up their too. Hey lawn escape shoot me an email

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