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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowjoe, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. mowjoe

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    If you have a 48" Exmark and purchase Gator Blades part # 051527 there are to long. It seems that this years stock are different than last years. The correct size is 16 1/4" and the gator blades measure 16 1/2". They happened to have one set from last years stock and they were the proper size.Just passing it on.
  2. Eric ELM

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    I think it is a good idea to take a tape measure with you when getting blades. First to see if they are the right length and also to see if the hole is in the center. One member posted he got one blade the hole was 1" off center. I would think it was a bit out of balance too. ;)

    BTW, balance your new blades before using them. I have found some off by quite a bit. These were purchased at Lesco also and were Gators.
  3. Roger

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    Maybe this isn't the right place to ask, but I will do so anyway...

    Does anybody have experience with Lesco hi-lift blades? I have an Exmark 36" (2-18" blades). I bought new sets of blades this season, Toro blades. Later, when in Lesco, I see the blades on their shelf - quite a lot different.

    The blades are thicker material, wider too. But, what is really different is the trailing lift lip. It is large and sloped upward moreso than my former Exmark blades or the new Toro ones. I would think these blades would create a good air flow through the deck, but might take more horsepower to run.

    Anybody done comparisons?
  4. Michael Fronczak

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    I had the same problem with Lesco blades for an Encore I used to have. Needed 16 3/8, were 16 1/2. SAme with belts for that mower wheel belts were just a little to long.
  5. Scraper

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    This is the exact reason I have been buying official Scag blades for the past 5 years. Five years ago I bought aftermarket blades from Landscapers Supply for my 36" Scag. Thought I'd save some money. First time out I noticed a strip of grass between the blades which was not being cut flush. Upon further inspection I noticed that the blades were 1/8" shorter than the Scag blades. That equated to 1/4" gap between the two. I also noted that they just did not seem to be made from the same quality steel as the Scag blades.
  6. Eric ELM

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    I have 2 sets of those blades and it does take a bit more power to turn them. I went back to less of a lift. If you are running them only you will be fine, but with doubles, they will pull down more.
  7. lakegastonla

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    Just for the record, Lesco does not manufacture blades sold in their stores. They are a parts reseller, and any quality issues with blades would be the fault of Lesco's blade supplier. I buy blades from them with no problem. I think that anytime you buy aftermarket for a mower, you run the slight risk of getting a poor match, or the completely wrong part. I have ordered twice from J. Thomas and both times, there have been ill fitting parts they sent out. Can happen anywhere. The first time I ordered they sent the wrong belts. (out of 3, two belts were wrong) The second time I ordered, they sent the wrong idler pulley. Not even close!

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